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Topic: audio capture in sync mode

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    audio capture in sync mode

    has anyone tried that with cubase or logic ?

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    Re: audio capture in sync mode

    I use the synch capture with Logic. It takes a bit of doing.

    When the capture function says ``waiting for sequencer\'\' you press play in Logic and it starts recording and it records til the end of the song. BUT i\'ve found I can only get this to work when song position is at zero. In other words you can\'t try to capture a segment of a sequence via drop-in in the middle of a song. So I copy the sequence/sequences I want to record to a new Logic song, place them near the beginning of the song and set the end of song marker one measure after the end of the sequence I\'m recording.

    You\'ll then have to do a bit of work to introduce the resulting audio file into Logic so that it\'s in synch with the song. The timing within the file should be just right, but the start/end points of the audio file may not be in synch with the song measures.

    Here\'s what I do: Add two blank measures to the start of every Giga sequence I want to record, and at the start of the second measure put a brief percussion sound right on the downbeat. If you do that for all tracks you record, you can use Logic\'s sample editor to find the start of that percussive sound, set the start-of-region triangle there, and then you should be able to bring them into Logic\'s arrange window snap them to a measure, crop them, and put them where they belong.


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    Re: audio capture in sync mode


    This is exactly what I have been doing also, however I find that over a period of about 40secs the audio is slightly lagging. ie. on a drum track it becomes out of sync with the midi. Does this happen on yours?


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    Re: audio capture in sync mode

    I hadn\'t noticed the lag. But, come to think of it, I\'ve never recorded long sequences with that method. I\'ve mostly imported Giga tracks via SPDIF into Logic, or, just recorded the analog sound (very lo-tech). Anyway, I\'m getting a second PC for Giga to avoid all the hassle.

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    Re: audio capture in sync mode


    How do you import Giga tracks via SPDIF into Logic?? Logic seems to have a problem recognising my Gina ports. It seems that I cannot select SPDIF as output in Giga AND SPDIF as input in Logic. No sound. However, there\'s no problem if I select different ports in both (eg output 1/2 in Giga and SPDIF in Logic). This problem is driving me crazy. I had no choice but to use audio capture in Giga to import wave into Logic.

    Thanks in advance!

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