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Topic: "Shaft" like demo

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    \"Shaft\" like demo

    For anyone who digs the music of Shaft, here\'s a little demo I did with the influence of Issac Hayes. It\'s called \'Bad Mutha.\'
    Hope ya dig it

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    He\'s one bad-
    *SHUT YO\' MOUTH!*
    Just talkin\' \'bout Damon.

    [This message has been edited by zquarles (edited 03-16-2002).]

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    LOL Z!

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    Yo Damon,

    Bad Mutha skipped town. Where\'s the song?

    Looking forward to listening to the grovadelic vibes dude...

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    Hey MrArkadine,
    I took it off, but now it\'s back up . Thanks for wanting to listen.
    It\'s at the bottom of my webpage. http://damonbbradley.tripod.com/damonbradley/

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    Cool Damon. Really styleful...

    Can I make one small point?

    0:16 and on > the 16th snare+bass+etc. hits sound too fast to me. They should be played laid back, and not faster than the actual 16ths they probably are. They sound like 2 triplet 16ths now. I think you should try and make them sound a little more \"relaxed\", laid back.

    Keep up the groovy stuff!


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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    Thanks for the replies and input guys . Actually I did this piece as a joke for King. I really didnt tweak it to much at all. All of the hits were done without quantization and I agree they could be more relaxed.
    I agree the sax is kind of weak. I would definitely use a real player if I ever did a piece like this since I know a few in town.
    MrArkadine, I used Ultimate Strings mf layer slow Violins for the strings. Xsample rhodes, custom drum kit, sonic implants fender strat touchwah, xsample sax.
    Thanks again for listening!

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    Sweet! I like US Strings as well. Good stuff, man.

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    I also used GOS full strings marcato for the hits.
    US violins was just used in the intro.

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    Re: \"Shaft\" like demo

    Hi Damon,

    Long time no talk! Sorry, I\'ve been really busy, and I also switched ISP\'s. I\'ve got broadband now which is amazing, and I can listen to much more of the talents posting on this forum! My old e-mail address is now useless. Use Axiamusic@yahoo.com if you need to mail me.

    Anyway, really nice piece, although a little short, but the one thing that always ruins a good piece like this (for me ,that is) is unconvincing sampled sax. Please get your sax player down for the day to do the rest of the track justice!!

    I think it is just so difficult to get a sampled sax to sound good on a track like this, and it unfortunately cheapens the rest of the track, which I think sounds excellent.

    I hope my comments are not too offensive. They are meant to be constructive.



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