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Topic: Libraries in DVD format?

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    Libraries in DVD format?


    As libraries grow I wonder how many of you would benefit from Libraries sold in the DVD format?

    It is sure nice for us developers - but what about you guys?



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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    Hello Scarbee,

    A few months ago, I debated this same question regarding DVD. The majority of people seem to have CD devices only, though this may be changing with time. A few months ago, I tended to think that within a year, DVD would become more of a dominating media source, but now I am not so sure, and for several reasons....

    1) DVD audio has been on the market for a couple of years, but has never really caught on with consumers, though DVD video has become fairly popular.

    2) Contrary to what I would have thought a few months ago, many music consumers are very well satisfied with MP3, which is lower quality than the standard 16/44.1 CD format, which has been around for quiet a few years.

    Based on my previously stated observations, I am skeptical to think that music consumers are going to be demanding higher definition music audio. If in time this turns out to be the future reality of music audio, music studios and sound developers will still continue to master music audio at 16/44.1 CD quality for the music consumer.

    I do believe that recording studios and sound developers will continue to pursue a means of producing higher quality sounding music audio at 16/44.1, which means that front end tracking for both music recording and sampled instrument sound development will be at the higher sample rates, such as 24/88.2 or 24/176.4, and then sample rate converted and dithered to 16/44.1.

    Sample rate conversion processing and bit rate dithering processes are constantly being improved to the point where final mastered 16/44.1 audio, which was front-end tracked at the higher sample rates, retains a great deal of the quality of the original source audio of the higher sample rates. So in other words, it is possible to think that mastered 16/44.1 audio can sound perhaps 99% as good as 24/176.4 or 192k audio.

    In conclusion, it could be assumed that there may never be the need for instrument sound developers to be concerned about having to release larger sampled instrument libraries, which would require DVD media. Quiet possibly, sampled instruments may not need to get bigger in size, but the quality of sound of sampled instruments will be improved with better sample rate conversion processes, by being able to take advantage of higher sample rate recordings on the front end of the process.

    BTW, if you have sampled instruments that will not fit onto one CD, WinRAR is an excellent audio compression program. I was able to compress the 1.5 gigabyte \"Bosendorfer Imperial\" down to a 562 megabyte self extracting WinRAR file, which very easily fits onto one CD.

    Happy St. Patrick\'s Day!

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    A year and a half ago when I bought my PIII800 \'hotrod\' a DVD burner was almost an option, but seemed frivolous.

    Six months ago my neighbour bought a yum cha PC which was incredibly cheap, faster than mine and included a DVD player as standard.

    Next time I upgrade, I guess it\'ll be a no brainer.

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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    Hi Kip,

    I am only interested in the increased size of DVD. Honestly I don\'t have a DVD drive myself in my PC

    I love win-rar myself, but I guess only PC can read a win-rar.exe file, right? Is there a similar product that both PC and Mac can use?



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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    Hmm... Bestservice ships GOS either as 16 CDs or 2 DVDs (for the same price). In fact here in Europe many people have DVD drives in their Computers. If you buy a new PC it\'s almost standard like a disk drive. Also i don\'t own one, I would prefer 2 DVDs vs. 16 CDs. But I don\'t think it is necessary to do an up to 4 CD library on 1 DVD. Perhaps there will be some libraries even bigger than GOS...


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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    >>>but I guess only PC can read a win-rar.exe file, right<<<

    win-rar.exe files (selfexpanding executables) can be used on Windows only. But rar-files themselves can be decompressed on other platforms as well (use e.g. StuffIt on the Mac).

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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    For big librairies, DVD format is far more interesting for me than CD format. It was a relief to have only 2 GOS DVDs to install instead of 16 CDs. And almost all new computers are packaged with a DVD reader!

    I would be curious thought to know which format of GOS sells the most...


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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    I am very DVD friendly, having one in each of my computers. I would personally like to see a better use of the format, but I might be on the smaller end of the stick in that regard.

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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    AKAI format: No. For .gig as an option? Yes. Exclusivly? No. Do all my DAWs have DVDs? No. (Only one has DVD.) Are they all networked? Yes. My preference for the near future? CD format. Future? DVD...

    So it goes...

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    Re: Libraries in DVD format?

    Hi. If there was something that I wanted that was only available on DVD, then I\'d get one and put it in my PC.

    To date, that hasn\'t happened. If you were going to release a library that required 4 or 5 CDs, or one DVD, I might do it.


    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SCARBEE:

    As libraries grow I wonder how many of you would benefit from Libraries sold in the DVD format?

    It is sure nice for us developers - but what about you guys?




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