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Topic: Bigga Orchestral Brass?

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    Bigga Orchestral Brass?

    I\'ve heard (and liked) the demos. But I\'m wondering if anybody who\'s bought it and had a chance to play around with it has any comments.


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    Re: Bigga Orchestral Brass?

    Thanks Ben. Can I dress up like Nancy?

    Haven\'t even heard the demos yet...must go listen

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    Re: Bigga Orchestral Brass?

    I received my copy of BOB a couple of days ago. I bought it based on the really good sounding demo`s. Unfortunatly, i have no keyboard at the moment(waiting for the new one to arrive shortly) so i can`t really say mutch regarding the playability at the moment.

    I`ve been using the mouse to play a bit with some of the sounds tho. And my first impression is that these samples sounds great. They may not have the biting attack like some of the sounds from QLB, but they are good all rounders i think(pardon my english . For slower and mellower work they should work wery well i belive. Anyway, i will get back to this issue as soon as i have received my new keyboard.


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    Re: Bigga Orchestral Brass?


    Seriously, does anybody have anything to say about this library? I\'m fairly new to this Gigastudio stuff and haven\'t had any experience with Bigga Giggas yet, so I\'d feel better about plopping down the money if someone else has had good results with it.


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