I tried this today:

I trimmed two thunderstorm sfx (about :45 each) into 11 regions and exported them separately as .wav flies, and then imported them into Gigasampler. I did basic programming to map them to the keyboard and enabled VERY basic commands to allow for a simplistic version of the \'key switching\' technique used in Advanced Orchestra, for example.

This produced an interesting result.

To trigger sfx with MIDI commands this way is freaky - imagine rolling in a little bit more \'boom\' on a thunderclap or more \'whoosh\' on a gale, or playing them on a lower key to make the subwoofer rattle the floorboards.

It makes me wonder if, with more programming, this could turn into something. It sure beats constantly time-expanding and -compressing to make sfx fit within a scene.

I\'m wondering if anyone else has tried this, and what results they\'ve achieved.