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Topic: GRANDIOSO is available

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    GRANDIOSO is available

    The library PMI GRANDIOSO Steinway D is ready. We just returned from the Musikmesse in Frankfurt where we presented our new library both at our own booth and at the TASCAM stand. We had a lot of interest from both customers and press/companies. There will be reviews in the next few months in several keyboard magazines around Europe. We also presented the prototype of our digital piano, called Post Piano, which was very successful. We\'re now talking with several companies about future steps.
    The library is available in our on-line store at www.postmusicalinstruments.com (sorry for the long URL) and will be distributed worldwide by TASCAM (to dealers in the US and on their own website). I don\'t know when the cd\'s will arrive in the US but you\'ll see them show up in TASCAM promotion soon. One of our first customers is Universal Studios in London and we have several endorsements coming in the next week.

    If you want to listen to the demos your invited to listen to the MP3\'s on the website or send us an email and we\'ll send you the audio cd that we made for this purpose.

    Have fun and make great music!

    Michiel Post

    Post Musical Instruments www.postmusicalinstruments.com
    e-mail: mpost@xs4all.nl

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    Hello Michiel,

    Congratulations and Best Wishes!


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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    Uggh! Not much of a looker though is it?

    This sounds interesting, I guess you could load any .gig file eh?

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Munsie:
    Uggh! Not much of a looker though is it?
    We\'re making an ultra-conservative classical grand piano-style version (black polished wood) specially for those who prefer oldfashion stuff in their homes. Can\'t show the picture yet, but it\'ll be there.
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>
    This sounds interesting, I guess you could load any .gig file eh?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    [This message has been edited by Michiel Post (edited 03-20-2002).]

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available


    I think this is a sensible idea, as long as you make the interface as user friendly as possible.

    There are a lot of \'mature age\' people who would like a better sounding electronic piano, but who are not at ease with computer technology.

    My dad loves the sound of the pianos I have, but I could never trust him on a Wintel system - although I did come really close to setting him up with a Giga laptop connected to his Roland home keyboard

    If you can make something which sounds like Giga, can be operated as easily as a Yamaha or Roland home keyboard, looks like a nice piece of furniture, and has a price in the ballpark of the competition, I think you have a product which will sell.

    I\'m looking forward to a picture of the \'real\' prototype. I agree with Munsie, the 3d illustration looks kind of squat and chunky, but I\'m sure you\'ll make the real thing very elegant

    It\'s a big project - Good luck!

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    The specs look great.

    Will it have a CD-Rom drive for loading other samples? (No mention of one on the spec sheet.)

    The next question is one I probably don\'t want to know the answer to: have you arrived at an approximate price?

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    When you mention the prototype for a digital piano, do you mean an actual physical keyboard? I hope so.

    Many questions arise here:
    Will this have an updatable ROM or the abiltiy to hold more samples (other Gigasamples, for example)?

    How much RAM will this have?

    Will it include a fast IDE hard drive for samples, or will everything be in ROM?

    Does this mean Gigasampler will be in the ROM? With the editing abilities intact or done through connecting to a computer? More info, please.

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    Hi Jake,

    We\'re talking about a real instrument here. Visit this page: http://www.postmusicalinstruments.com/producthtml/postpiano.html

    You can load your own sounds (giga and Akai, SF wav etc). And yes, there is a fast IDE drive for the samples.

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    We are very much aware that a musical instrument with a PC visible for the user may be difficult. Musicians don\'t like the idea that the PC might crash. Some musicians are afraid their audience might think the PC is playing and not the musician. Some musicians don\'t want to use any digital stuff at all. Some don\'t like the design of the cabinet.
    Well it\'s hard to make everybody happy. We just designed this system to adress to composers and professional musicians who want the best piano sound (and other sounds) and who know a pain it can be to make your own system work. We\'re also targeting at studios and educational use. We had a lot of requests. Every component is selected with care to avoid weak links in the chain. When you compare the sound with standard Yamaha or Kawai digital grands there is simply no discussion: our piano sounds a lot better. The difference is huge. We had several potential buyers at the Messe that we\'re now talking to. Several companies want to help in marketing and distribution. We have a couple of well known artists (amongst them famous solo pianists) who consider endorsements, so things work out pretty well.
    We don\'t have a US strategy that I can make public but we\'re working on it. All advise is welcome. The price in Europe (where we sell directly to customers is around $ 13.000). When we can produce larger quantities you\'ll see the price drop I expect. When we have to sell using dealers you\'ll see a higher price.

    And yes the PC has all standard components including a CD-RW drive.

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    Re: GRANDIOSO is available

    Have you tried putting the digital piano next to the original(or similar) and comparing? I don\'t mean for someone listening in the audience, but for the person playing. If you are primarily after a piano simulation, one could do clever things with the speaker setup. I suppose a holy grail might be to bring in a very skilled pianist blindfolded, sit them down at both keyboards and see what the subjective preference is. Any thoughts on how far away we are from such a Turing test?


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