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Topic: Marching band samples?

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    Marching band samples?

    Hey all,

    My real job is as a high school band director. I frequently arrange the music we play for field shows, and haven\'t been thrilled with the sounds I\'m triggering in GS with Sibelius.

    The biggest lack is in percussion samples. Marching percussion sounds are completely different beasts from their orchestral counterparts. The snare drum sound, for example, is usually produced by kevlar heads under extreme tension. There are other characteristic sounds associated with other marching percussion instruments--Donnie has some examples on a website he recently mentioned.

    The wind sounds are also unlike their orchestral counterparts. Marching wind sections sound \"grittier\" (despite most of our best band director efforts) than the wind sections in the wind collections of choice.

    Anyone know of resources for these kinds of sounds?


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    Re: Marching band samples?

    Yeah, check out the \"Marching Band Battery\" (or a very similar name) by DS Soundware.

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    Re: Marching band samples?

    Thank you both! The library found at the link sounds great and is an excellent value.


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    Re: Marching band samples?

    Hehheh thank Donnie in that case

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