I have a question, I don\'t think it\'s been asked before, about S-converter -
Why is it, that S-converter can only import Samples and programs from Akai CD-roms? I mean, for a great many of us out there, we have Akai Samplers and loads of stuff stored on optical/jaz/hard drives. What I can\'t understand is if S-converter can open the Akai CD-roms and convert the samples and programs into .gig\'s, why can\'t it do the same by browsing to a connected Akai drive?

And before anyone says, you can\'t connect an akai hard/optical or jaz drive to windows, try it, you can.

I can burn iso\'s of my akai disks to CD-roms on the pc, so surely S-converter can be made to browse the akai hard drives.....

If Nemesys want people to switch off their hardware samplers and buy something like the Gigastudio, this would be a hell of a sales pitch (\" you can load up all your old Akai programs from disk and re-save them as .gig files.....\")

Anyone shed any light?