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Topic: OT: Message to locals about GDC activities and GANG

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    OT: Message to locals about GDC activities and GANG

    First of all, to all others listening in, I will have a long and informative report early next week. Look for it: it should be of much importance to many of you. I will be passing out some important information about G.A.N.G., and other useful information.

    Kling Idiot: I will be calling your pager tomorrow to give you my cell phone number.

    To KI and others: Friday night is the Suite Crawl. Anybody who shows up in the lobby entrance at 5:45, I can show you to where most of the GANG activities are and possibly you can get some hang-out time with Jeremy Soule, Marty O’Donnell, Tommy Tallarico and many others, mostly there for GANG. No brag: I have already spent some time with these guys picking their brains and encouraging them to visit this forum. Also, you do not need a badge to get to the outer areas where a lot of us are hanging out. There is also an activity Saturday I think the badgeless can get to. I will write something Friday night.

    Gotta get to bed: tomorrow is a long day, and I already will get less than 7 hours sleep.

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    Re: OT: Message to locals about GDC activities and GANG

    Good I can Ask Tommy why he stopped returning my fone calls back when I gave him a demo tape YEARS ago...

    oh wait... I\'m not sur eI want to know his answer....

    back then I was still askign people \"what is MIDI?\"

    actually I may not be able to make it I will try my damndest tho

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: OT: Message to locals about GDC activities and GANG

    Ok, I am trying to recover from a very busy week. I will soon write up my experiences sprinkled with important facts, links, contacts and all manor of information. Right now I am plowing through over 20 CDs, most of them music related, and about 50 business cards. I gave out a boatload of business cards and about 20 demo cds myself. I have literally met and talked to every top person in game audio music from Dolby Labs people to every sound designer and composer you can think of. Let me drop some names: all the G.A.N.G members like and including Jeremy Soule, Marty O’Donnell, Tommy Tellarico, The Fat Man George Sanger, Aaron Marks, Guy Whitmore, Paul Lackey and more. I will be commenting on all. I also met some of our forum dudes like Eric Doggett (Eric, I somehow lost Stephanie’s contact information: could you email it to me? Thanks!). I encouraged them all to come here to this forum and share information, and I think some will. Anybody who wants to make money with music, and wants to work in game music had better stay tuned for my post \'cause I probably will only do it once and get back to work. Just to start you thinking, $1000 per minute of music is common, and for the top guys, $1500 per minute is common. While you are waiting, go to the G.A.N.G website. Do it now!

    If you are involved with game audio and you are smart, you will join today. I am a member OBTW.

    Well, back to work. I will have something up in a day or two.

    KingIdiot: I tried to work your pager but every time I called either it was breaking up or when I left a message, it was garbled beyond belief. You probably got some garbage, and it was probably from me. Sorry. The rest of the time was 14 hours days, skipped meals and wall-to-wall meetings. Perhaps we can meet sometime (perhaps next local Film Music Network meeting?): I have an idea. If you want to hear it sooner than later, email me...you know how to reach me.

    Doyle W. Donehoo
    Radar Music

    Shameless plug: \"Marching To Oblivion\", the further adventures of Bob: http://www.mp3.com/Doyle_W_Donehoo

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    Re: OT: Message to locals about GDC activities and GANG

    Hey Doyle,

    I actually got a page with a San Jose area code, but it wasn\'t you.... it wasn\'t the person who paged me as well... hmmm


    How\'d the interactive music lecture go. I\'m interested in it since I\'m actually working on an interactive music score right now.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: OT: Message to locals about GDC activities and GANG

    I forgot, and someone asked elsewhere. Yes, I did meet and talked to at length, Bill Brown. Matter of fact at one point at Bill Brown\'s booth, we all converged and in about a 10 foot circle and there was Bill Brown (there for Ghost Recon and Undying), Jeremy Soule, Marty O’Donnell (Halo, Best Audio of the Year), Tommy Tellarico and many others: perhaps one of the greatest concentrations of game music talents anywhere. I took pictures.
    I also got Bill\'s demo disk (a oneoff) with his most recent and unreleased music. Sweet.

    KI: Actually there were THREE sessions about interactive music. One all-day Microsoft DirectMusic Producer session (free download and a must-learn for anybody doing game music: its kind of like Acid with a velocity switching sample player that can also play wave files, that allows you to create dynamic music..it ain\'t easy to learn...). Marty did another session about the interactive music of Halo, which I missed, but a quote: “Interactive music should be so good you cannot tell it is interactive.\" Like a Movie?, I asked him. Yes, he said. The last of the three was a roundtable about the use of interactive music, and DirectMusic was central. Too bad you could not of shown up Saturday at the Fairmont. GANG meet again with all the big names: I could have got you in.

    \"I actually got a page with a San Jose area code\"
    Probably me. It was scrambled. Where is that cellular guy in the black trench coat when you need him?

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