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Topic: NYBBLUE Where are you?

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    NYBBLUE Where are you?

    Just curious where \"NY BLUE\" has been. I mean he has only been on here two times and that was to take up for someone. I thought people were on this forum to contribute and ask questions about giga and it\'s libraries. Looks like some people just come on for other reasons.....


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    Re: NYBBLUE Where are you?

    Hooray for Donnie! Who else has the balls to say what they are thinking? Regardless of all the crap that they will get afterwards. Everyone else lives in fear of falsly accusing, including me. 3 cheers for Donnie.

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    Re: NYBBLUE Where are you?

    falsy accusing....of what?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: NYBBLUE Where are you?

    Glad to hear you missed me Donnie. Yes, I did \"take up\" for you in my first thread last summer and wrote about the way you bend over backwards for your customers. You were the first to reply, \"Very well said and thanks for the support\". So you ask where I am? Don\'t worry Donnie, I\'m still here supporting you. NYBLUE

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