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Topic: King Idiot - SHORT BOWS??

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    King Idiot - SHORT BOWS??


    I read in the thread about VOTA that Francis started that \"your short bows rock\". Is this the revisions to GOS you\'ve been working on?? If so, when or where can I hear what you are doing??



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    Re: King Idiot - SHORT BOWS??

    thanks Francis ;p


    hey scores,

    a quick old demo of the new stuff can be found at

    IT starts with the new 1st violin detaches (too loud and no EQ in this file), then goes through some motions with the cello short bows

    first normal, then my new edits, then both layered. Then again the same variations doing a \"mock\" tremolo.

    On top of it, Tom has added some variability features to the short bows that offer even more cool stuff

    should be soon now.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: King Idiot - SHORT BOWS??

    Neeeee, uuuuuuuu, eeeeeeeeeeeee

    The number you have dialed has been changed

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    Re: King Idiot - SHORT BOWS??

    Thanks King. Will this wave of updates include the looped gr detaches you were working on??


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    Re: King Idiot - SHORT BOWS??

    honestly not sure4. I still ahve slight edits to do on them (actually workign on them righ tnow) If I can get them in on time and the sizes are small enough then most likely.

    I know you guys ahve been waiting for them and I\'ve been lagging so I will finish the edits today.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: King Idiot - SHORT BOWS??

    You\'re my favorite guy on this forum King

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