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Topic: How to reorganize vel and mod dimensions??

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    How to reorganize vel and mod dimensions??

    I have a gig which has the following:

    1 bit velocity split (2 levels of velocity)

    One additional dimension which is a 2 bit split with layer assigned as the control source.

    Everything sounds great except for layer 4 (very unmusical to my ear). Also, I don\'t use velocity from my controller, however, the samples assigned to the upper range of the velocity split sound very good I\'d like to do the following, but don\'t know how to do it. Can anyone tell me if it\'s possible to:

    1)Keep the 4 layers (2 splits)
    2)Get rid of the samples assigned to layer 4 3) Get rid of the velocity split, but re-use the samples that were assigned to the upper range of the velocity split by reassigning them to the recently vacated layer 4.

    I could do this sample by sample, but it would be very tedious. Is there some way to move all the samples from velocity split to layer dimension?

    Maybe this is the wrong way to think about it. Maybe I should be thinking of reassigning the control of the samples I\'d like as my 4th layer.. somehow making the layer controller (I\'m using mod wheel to control layers) take over control of those good samples.. I just can\'t figure out how to do it.

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    Re: How to reorganize vel and mod dimensions??

    I\'m not in front of Giga, so this is going to be vague.

    The procedure would involve getting the gig file up in the editor, copying and pasting the instrument a couple of times, reducing the number of splits in each instrument, then \'combining\' them so that you have layers again.

    You can reduce splits to the next available size by clicking on the velocity button above the velocity split graphic box.
    When you choose to reduce to the next size, you can choose whether you dump the higher or lower splits. So if you have a patch with a great ff velocity layer but crappy p layer, you can reduce and keep the higher split. You end up with an instrument which only has the ff layer.

    If you wanted to keep the p layer as well, you would make a copy of the instrument so that you had two p/ff instruments in the same gig file. Then you reduce one so that it leaves the ff layer behind, and you reduce the other copy so that it leaves the p layer behind. Now you have an ff instrument and a p instrument in the same gig file.

    Do this as you need to, then use the combine feature to do your layering. (Note: Combine works on instruments within the sam gig file only).

    For this you click on two instruments in the instrument bank so that they are both selected (ctrl click on each). Now go to \'file\' (I think) and choose \'combine\'. You then have a few step process to go through which allows you to decide what kind of dimension controls the samples (layer), which instrument is \'on top\', what the end instrument is called etc.,

    Even though you can only combine two instruments at a time, the function can be used over and over again, combining progressively more intricate instruments in order build multi layer/multi dimensional gigs.

    I hope this helps. Maybe someone else can be more specific.

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    Re: How to reorganize vel and mod dimensions??

    Thanks a million. I\'ve done each of the processes you mentioned many times... reducing splits, combining instruments, and, in fact, combining already combined instruments. But it never occurred to me to isolate the velocity layer I like and, in essence, create a new instrument, free of the offending samples, and then recombine with the rest of the gig again.

    Thanks so much for sharing your expert grasp on the gigaeditor, and for your clear explanation.

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