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Topic: Editing problems

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    Editing problems

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I have been a GS user for a year but recently have been getting into the editing. I cannot seem to be able to adjust pitch in the sample tab. I select a region, go in and apply the new pitch and I get no result. I am missing a step. Maybe I am not selecting the region or notes properly. Again, I make sure I hit the Apply button. Please help.

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    Re: Editing problems

    Sounds like you have the bank set up as a Drum bank. In the properties pane of the bank (in the left top window - wherey ou do the wizard thing) check that its not set to drum, and in your samples make sure drum is not selected). it sets the pitch to fixed.


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    Re: Editing problems

    Bob, I cannot get any of the editing features to work. It is like it is protected or locked. Can you help, Thanks.

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    Re: Editing problems

    I can\'t understand why it would be locked. Are you using a full version of Gigasampler? If so, you should be able to right click in the top left window on the bank and select properties. Then make sure the bank is not set to be a drum bank where all the pitch is the same. Same goes for the key ranges, highlight the one you want, go into it\'s properties and make sure the little tick box that says drum is not ticked. Then you can change the pitch, and select apply and it should be fine. Try clicking on the reload to GS button above. If this doesn\'t work try making a brand new .gig file with your own wavs and see if you can change the pitch on that.


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    Re: Editing problems

    Thank Bob for your help. I talked to a tech today and he reported it to Nemesys.

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    Re: Editing problems

    Hi All
    I have also recently decided to not just play sounds in giga sampler but to learn how to use the patch editor. When I load a patch from the native giga x sampler library ,which giga sampler loads fine , if I push the patch editor button , it will start loading the patch into the editor and then freeze up.But if I push the edit instrument button [I guess that does the same thing] it loads into the editor just fine , and the patch editor button has the default 1.0 program that came with giga sampler asigned to it. Ive heard alot of talk on this form about how the patch editor has some problems .Can you tell me what those problems are and is this one of them . Thanks , Ken

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