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Topic: Bye Bye Vista

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    Re: Bye Bye Vista

    They don't hate Vista - they may not like the reputation, or the way Microsoft mishandled the roll-out, but the OS itself is not at fault. Windows 7 is a refactoring of Vista - no one's getting rid of it. They just need to clean it up and get rid of the bloat. Think of W7 as Vista SP3.
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    Re: Bye Bye Vista

    Been running xp64 a couple year now and am real happy with it. Problem is, however, that vendors are opting not to officially support it, doing their x64 testing on Vista instead, on the theory that Vista is the current os. Xp64's so solid, it seems to work anyway, but if I have a problem the vendors won't want to talk to me. I hate to fix something that's not broke, but I have to think of an eventual Vista conversion because sooner or later the vendor support thing's gonna bite me.

    I've heard v7 will actually be quite different from both xp and Vista, internally. They're apparently thinking of moving all internal 32-bit process and legacy api support to an emulator with only 64-bit processes using the v7 api running natively. Seems like a strategy to force vendors to rewrite their software or suffer a performance penalty.


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    Re: Bye Bye Vista

    Quote Originally Posted by howardv View Post
    Seems like a strategy to force vendors to rewrite their software or suffer a performance penalty.
    Ha! Tell that to the vendors that went through the MacIntel transition...
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    Re: Bye Bye Vista

    Vista is graphical operating system and a newer version from windows XP. But some time it will be not working properly. And so it was not speedily spread as window XP and some time in vita I get difficulty in installing new software.

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    Re: Bye Bye Vista

    Now a days no one uses vista because it is very complicate in design and it is not easy to operate it also. So now a days no one uses Vista.

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