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Topic: My timpani is up again

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    My timpani is up again

    To make things complete, I uploaded the \"SAM\" Adams timpani again, I test sampled some months ago. The file was offline for a few weeks.

    This new upload is a NORMALIZED version. The old version\'s signal was way too low. It\'s 29,3 MB download, Rarred.

    If you want to hear it in action before downloading it...

    I used the timpani in my showreel \"rescore\" for Frighteners on http://www.maartenspruijt.com/showreel/frightenersrescore.mp3
    This isn\'t a sample demo, but a complete production, so the timpani is really layed in the mix here. Still you can hear it\'s very useful, esp. the crescendo rolls and special effects, like the pedal pitching.



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    Re: My timpani is up again


    Well Done, very good tension build up!!!

    What Strings Brass were used and which other
    libraries did you use Marten?


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    Re: My timpani is up again

    Hi Maarten.

    I try to DL the timpani, but I just get a html-file filled with a lot of obscure text.....


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    Re: My timpani is up again


    If you have MS Internet Explorer:
    * Right click on the link
    * Choose Save Target As...
    * In the file dialog box, change the extension from HTM to RAR and save.

    This should work.

    (there is an issue with the webserver and Mime file types)



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    Re: My timpani is up again

    Because of those htm/ascii problems with the RAR file I now uploaded a ZIP version of the timpani. This should work!

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    Re: My timpani is up again

    Hey Marteen,

    Thanks for posting another freebee!

    I was wondering about the noise floor being so high....is that a result of normalizing the samples that were recorded too low?

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    Re: My timpani is up again

    Exactly, midphase... That\'s why I call it a test sample
    It\'s still very useful IMO, but esp. on the p samples the noise if too high.

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