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Topic: StringDoubler - What's the deal?

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    StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    Out of curiousity I clicked the stringdoubler link here on NS and listened to some synthy string demos. What is the deal with this library? Is this a new strings library? $79? nice price if so.

    Can someone tell me something more? Anyone purchased it already? any more demos?

    Even if it is only $79, I can\'t just shell out cash based on those two poor demos on the site.

    So.. what\'s the deal?


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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    Hey Thomas,

    I spoke with the maker. He, Im sure, will explain it all to you. To tell you the truth...Im still confused

    \"This set consists of one sample for all velocities. I found that collecting
    great samples from live work is not as predictable as running a sampling
    session, so the breadth of choice is more limited. The key is to
    orchestrate the appearance of those \"live-sounding\" moments. That\'s what
    makes StringDoubler strings work for you.\"

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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    Thanks for your reply, Francis!

    I\'m still confused. heh... Maybe he can shed some light here? Are they costum samples or just samples gathered from synths etc and layered? I\'m not convinced by the demos, that\'s for sure.


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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    \"Yes, this is a CD of samples I\'ve collected and upgraded over the years. I\'ve always been on the look-out for samples that added that hint of realism that would make my MIDI work more believable and more emotionally rewarding to the listener.\"

    From email. Hope he does not mind me posting
    what he wrote

    Help us understand... please Mr. Would ya, could ya?

    Does seem cool like a cool concept

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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    Where is this StringDoubler link you\'re talking about?


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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    I just don\'t get it.

    When you read the blurb it sounds like Roger (the creator of SD) has used samples from his own string sessions and processed them with a view to layering them with sampler strings. The idea of this is that things like real legato and slides from the real performances will add the realism, while the sampler strings add the size. That\'s a perfect;y feasible idea. I do it whenever I can.

    He puts two up examples of SD audio files for you to layer with your own string sound, and provides midi files so that your strings play the same arrangement as the SD audio files.

    But the audio examples sound like straight sampled strings - end of story. I don\'t hear any articulations which make me feel like there are real string players involved.

    I just don\'t get it.

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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    There is a bit of tremolo/vibrato in those String Doubler sounds. So maybe layering it with other libraries will give it more \"expression\"

    dunno tho haven\'t tried the \"demo\" with my strings

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?

    NOTE: Never defrag a 80 gig hard drive with 61 gigs of Giga samples and think, \"Ah, this should only take a second or two\"

    HURRY UP!!! DAMM YOU!!!!!

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    Re: StringDoubler - What\'s the deal?


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