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Topic: Estimated Release Date

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    Estimated Release Date

    Since the other thread is already SO big I prefer to make a new post.

    Can please anyone linked with this project tell me if there is any Estimated Release Date for this product?

    Also will the impulses in this product be released for alti / IR-1, etc or will it have a property engine?


    Pedro Macedo Camacho

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    Re: Estimated Release Date

    There isn't a public release date quite yet. Last week we resumed working on the real spaced project after a hiatus to complete the Steinway. We'll almost certainly use our own engine since it's been completed and already in use in the piano. We haven't made any decisions on whether the impulses will be also usable by altiverb /IR1/etc though. Hope this helps-

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    Re: Estimated Release Date

    But will "Real Spaces" be a stand alone product, or it will be integrated in GOS2 or GPOA?

    I think the way to go is to have 2 versions (or more) like with the steinway. One version with the convo software and the IR's and another with just the IR collection in WAV/AIFF format (maybe even a reduced set of impulses, like 4 or 5 stage positions from just one seat position (the director's one, of course!)

    What do you think?

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    Re: Estimated Release Date


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