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Topic: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

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    Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    I have ordered Garritan Strings.

    I saw plenty of suggestions about WW and Brass over the course of a few years ago here; however, I am wondering what is the current concensus for filling in WW and brass libraries if I have nothing?

    My current on suggestions is:

    WW: Dan Dean Solo + XSample (for clarinets)

    Brass: Dan Dean Solo + Quantum Leap Brass

    But perhaps someone has something better?

    If I get these libraries are they enough? Or is AO and Miroslav STILL needed??

    Extra Credit: I heard Jeremy Soule\'s demos at the Garritan String site. Do you think these demos use off the shelf samples, custom samples or live players for teh brass and WW?



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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    My opinion is that if you have QLB and Dan Dean Solo Brass, then you are pretty well covered for orchestral brass. However, Dan Dean is creating an ensemble brass set that should be out sometime this year. I\'m pretty interested to see what he comes up with.

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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    Hm I really disagree with you Composer22. His compositional skills are incredible. He\'s an extremely talented composer in my opinion. I love his tonal language. He is always experimenting harmony, and that is what sets his stuff apart from the rest of the \"film music\" guys, in my opinion.

    I\'d love to hear something you like.


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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    ... and since when does every composer(\'s style) have to be \"fittable\" within a certain time period?

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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    1) As an artist you should reflect your time - whether you know it or not.

    2) There is absolutely nothing personal or new to his tonal language. Its a rehash of ravel, debussy and some english pastoral imitations of Sibelius. You can trace every phrase, every harmony, every melodic idea to a direct rip off of someone from hollywood or one of these composers. There is nothing risky or inventive...nothing that speaks what Jeremy Soule is really about. It\'s like he watched a giant television his whole life and now is repeating all the shows.

    He needs a giant dose of letting go of the instrument...bang on the piano...listen to indian music...write some set pieces...anything that will break his habit of ridicule. Take a risk and jump.

    If I hear one more octatonic collection I will puke. He could never handle the demands of a hollywood composer becuase he\'s stuck in writing the same damned piece again and again.

    Nothing personal =)

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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by composer22:
    1) As an artist you should reflect your time - whether you know it or not.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Really? Should? By whose authority? The queen\'s? George W.\'s? Your philosophy professor\'s? I\'ve heard of sweeping generalizations, but you\'ve just wiped out the entire Western hemisphere with that one.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>If I hear one more octatonic collection I will puke. He could never handle the demands of a hollywood composer becuase he\'s stuck in writing the same damned piece again and again.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Wow! It\'s a good thing Stephen Albert isn\'t alive, or he\'d probably curl up in a fetal position, no doubt covered in your puke, after giving back his Pulitzer Prize. No more octatonic collections? Not even Collection II? May I still listen to Stravinsky\'s ballets? Is Agon OK? I really like \"Bransle Gay.\" But shame on Stravinsky for using such an old form. I just don\'t know what to think about his \"compositional abilities\" anymore. That\'s it: I hereby declare that Igor Stravinsky is a hack! Anyone interested in my Stravinsky CDs and scores?

    What is a composer to do? How about if each of us contrives our own 53-note scale and then writes soul-revealing music for the Semantic (see http://www.alaindanielou.org/semantic/semantic.htm)? Nope! Someone\'s already done that. What if we play our melodies backward and forward simultaneously? Nope! J.S. Bach coined that technique. Gotta think 21st Century! 21st Century! Gotta think like a post-modernist! Too late! Former (reformed?) post-modernists are now thinking like pre-fore-post-haste-modernists. OK, levity aside, may we at least use A4? Yes, I know, Mozart used A4 quite a bit. As did Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius, Debussy, Ravel, Copland, Dallapicola, Boulez, etc. As does Torke, Adès, etc. Regardless, may we please use it? We promise to give it back to its rightful owner, if you just tell us who that person is.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Nothing personal =)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Really? (How\'s that for a recapitulation? Or am I not allowed to speak in Sonata Allegro form?)


    Coda: You would better serve your \"arguments\" with some examples from the literature. Otherwise, you end up sounding like some of the sophomore music majors I\'ve had the misfortune of teaching: just enough knowledge to think you\'re God\'s gift to the music world but not enough to know what the heck you\'re talking about. Cite actual pieces and measure numbers, not just names. I have plenty of scores at home and can dig up more at the university.

    [This message has been edited by PatS (edited 03-27-2002).]

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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    Pat just opened up a can of whuparse!

    That\'s scary man.

    Wonderful post!

    Now I don\'t want to see you two wrastling all over the place, because you\'re supposed to fight within your own weight divisions ;-)

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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    No, Pat just opened a whole case of Whuparse! (waterboy quote) LOL

    Great post! Composition is about interpreting our deepest and truest of feelings by whatever means we choose (at least for me it is) We have a whole pallet of colors to work with now. There are no new colors. But what colors we choose to bring to the canvas, what brush we use, and our personal perspective on life gives our work it personality and it\'s ability to speak to another. I find something to take and learn from each piece I have listened to. Degrading someone\'s life\'s work is just rude. If you don\'t like it fine... But by telling someone they suck is a big turn off and the sure fastest way to get people to not listen to what you have to say as a composer.

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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    Screw you PatS and screw the western hemisphere. An artist does reflects his time. He cant help but to react. And that\'s what missing. He write early french music but never lived in that rhyme or reason to understand why they wrote that way.

    And screw Stephen Albert for giving up his prize. If he had kept it maybe he wouldn\'t have gone off and did himself an auto accident. Serves him right.

    Sophomoric? No problem. I\'ll keep my DMA. Were you supposed to impress me with that \"Im a teacher\" BS? Have to look up the scores at the local university? hmmm mymy Are you kidding? If you were half a comp teacher you would have the library memorized by now. I guess you

    As for examples, why not start with Daphne and Chloe and work your way up and down. Move onto any of the rv Williams earlier symphonies. Im not going to bother pushing measures your way. Im too busy writing my next chamber piece.

    Get this:

    \"Composition is about interpreting our deepest and truest of feelings by whatever means we choose \"

    Have you ever heard anything so silly in all your life?

    As for being nice - plenty of ugly pissy composer wrote great works. Work stands on its own. They didn\'t.

    Jeremy Soule\'s demos and orchestration are very good. Rich farm money can buy anything.

    If you wanna be a lame brane and listen to some good FS..i dunno, go listen to some Chris Young. At least that\'s pallatable.

    I personally will go get some Morton Feldman, and I don\'t give a SH**T what he would think about it.

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    Re: Woodwinds and Brass etc.

    Way to go Pat! Great response. Much better than my, \"Oh yeah! Well...well soz your old lady!\" Something about this reminds me of that old saying, \"There is nothing more aggravation than someone who thinks they know it all...to those of us who do.\"

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