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Topic: Pop music horn sections

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    Pop music horn sections

    Hi there,
    Does anyone have any experience trying to do a sort of \'standard\' pop horn section - maybe a couple of trumpets, a trombone and a sax or two - using GigaSampler?

    I\'m not thinking of solos too much. More just a good strong horn section, like some of the stuff on Joe Jackson\'s \'Blaze of Glory\' CD. Strong, out front horns, but not necessarily too many notes.

    Which libraries might work for this sort of app?

    I\'d like it to sound reasonable while composing, but all of my recording is eventually done in Pro Tools, where I will record each audio channel from GSt and post process like I recorded real players. (It\'s what I do with all my GSt stuff today.)

    And, the kicker question, is a breath controller *required* to make all of this work, if it works at all?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Pop music horn sections

    Shameless bump...

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    Re: Pop music horn sections

    soon....very soon....


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    Re: Pop music horn sections

    I will be very insterested in what you might offer.

    One important issue for me, based on another hot thread we have going here, is the issue of copy protection. I don\'t know your policy, but I would be hard pressed ot purchase anything these days that would require Pace or any other form of intrusion on my machines.

    Can you comment on this simply to help me with my planning?


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    Re: Pop music horn sections

    Donnie, consider this also a strong expression of interest in pop horn sections. I like, want and need solo horns too, but a good pop or big band capability for Giga would really float my boat.


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    Re: Pop music horn sections


    Thanks for the instrest. Like many other developers we are looking into copy protection but have yet to settle or impliment anything. Rest asured that when we do it you will know about it and it will be as seemless as possible.


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    Re: Pop music horn sections

    Thanks for the info. I certainly hope you can keep it out. I fear that anything added today is really just a problem waiting to happen.

    I look forward to discovering what you are up to with this new library.


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