I have a computer that doesn\'t currently have enough firepower to run GS optimally,the sound card is basic and to do it right would probably cost several hundred dollars at a minimum plus the cost of the application itself.Funds are somewhat limited.My sampling equipment is hardware based,however I find there are a lot of quality sounds available in GS that don\'t make it to other platforms.All I want to do is basically take gigs,convert to .wavs,transfer them by SMDI over to the sampler and take it from there.Granted thats a lot of work.I\'m used to doing it in a similiar fashion.A few questions if I may:

1)Should I buy the LE version online or say at Guitar Center on a good sale?Doesn\'t it come bundles with some software that will take instrument files,split and save as wave files?
2)If online,what do you reccomend?
3)I think A-Wave would be great,however it costs $100.00??.Use an app called Zero-X Seamless Looper for the actual transfer.What are the alternatives for extracting wav files from a gig file other than the above mentioned options?

Solicting all opinions,input and comments.Thank you.