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Topic: Piano mp3 demos for the Post Steinway

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    Piano mp3 demos for the Post Steinway


    I\'m very interested in your new piano Gigasample but am having difficulty coming to a conclusion based on the demos you\'ve posted thus far.

    The encoding for most of the demos, whilst claiming to be 256k, appears to be much lower. This is most noticeable on the higher pitches (above C5) which all seem to have an artificial pre-\'spit\' attached to them.

    Can you recommend a player for your demos (e.g. RealOne, Winamp, Windows Media Player) that you feel adequately represents the quality?

    In addition, would it be possible for you to post a demo with a little reverb applied as this is not easy for me to do when I\'m away from my studio.

    All the best,


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    Re: Piano mp3 demos for the Post Steinway

    I just use Windows Media Player for playback of the MP3 files and they sound rather good here. I never noticed any pre-note hiss as you siad. Anyone else?
    The encoding was done with Cakewalk Pyro (which obviously isn\'t a professional application for it but my other programs all crashed or are on copmuters which I have now touring for a demo with the Post Piano).
    I have an audio cd with demos of the GRANDIOS that I\'m happy to send to anyone who want to listen in more detail. The demos have a little Altiverb reverb on them (which is the best software reverb I ever heard as far as I\'m concerned). Send me an e-mail with your adress and I\'ll send you the disk.
    I\'ll see if I can squeeze a demo with reverb in in the next few days.
    My email:

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    Re: Piano mp3 demos for the Post Steinway

    Hi Michiel,

    What\'s your URL again??? I want to listen to the mp3. Re conversions, I use LAME. I haven\'t found anything better. Also, I\'ve used Timeworks, Sblive verb, Ren Reverb, and TC Works extensively. Sblive verb, believe it or not, wins by a landslide. The card started getting noisy though, so I bought the new Audigy. Its verb is even better than sblive\'s (much better in fact) and blows away the soft verbs out there, even the venerable Ren Reverb, which I think is a fantastic plug.

    John Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Piano mp3 demos for the Post Steinway

    Hi John,
    our URL is www.postmusicalinstruments.com
    The demo page is at http://www.postaudiomedia.com/basishtml/demos.html or just follow the \"demo\'link on the PMI site.
    I added a few new demos recently. Some orchestral demos by Bruce Mitchell and a new version of Chris Nocolaides demo, with the 16 layer piano patch. We also have the Purgatory Creek demo now for comparison with other sampled pianos.

    I\'m currently doing a version with Altiverb for some of these demos that I will upload later today.

    Altiverb is the best reverb I know. I worked with the sampling reverbs from Sony and Yamaha, both hardware equipment and I believe AltiVerb sounds significantly better! They have made better recordings of the impulse responses. I heard their product at the Los Angeles NAMM for the first time and have worked with it in a demo set-up in my studio for several projects. It is superb. Any reverb you select is pure, realistic and you don\'t need time to tweak the settings as with the other sampling reverbs. It outperformes any artificial reverb in every aspect. Lexicon, TC or whatever. The only drawback is that it uses real spaces so it\'s fairly impopssible to achieve \'gated\'and \'reverse\' or modulated effects as these spaces don\'t exist in real life. It\'s not expensive (US $ 500) IF you own a MAc G4. Unfortunatly most Giga users are PC die-hards who have Wintel machines only. I\'m still considering to order a system with a G4 Powerbook and MOTU firewire 828 audiocard that will perform as reverb and multitrack editing machine to replace my beloved ProTools Mix+ G3 set-up. I can\'t wait to get this fired up and working!

    In the mean time we had a famous pianist here (Jan Vayne who played at the Clinton inauguration party several years ago, he is a nr 1 top-selling artist here) and he was flabbergasted by our Post Piano. He\'s going to be our main endorser for the next couple of months and is considering to record an entire album with our instrument as only keyboard!

    Michiel Post

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