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Topic: Rolands... wow!

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    Rolands... wow!

    Ya know, I didn\'t think any keyboards out there had any good orchestral sounds. I was messing with a Roland keyboard with the horn section patch at leizt music, and I was like, \"what the !@#$\" I didn\'t know they made good orchestral sounds on keyboards. This is probably old news, just thought I\'d share my two cents.

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    Even with all the good stuff on Gigastudio, I still use a few patches off of my Roland JV-1080 with the Orchestral Expansion cards. I originally bought the JV-880 in 1994 mainly on the strength of its horn sounds.

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    check out the Roland Samples that alot of the brass was based off of


    alot of the Roland stuff is programmed by Eric Persing....

    I\'ve been using roland stuff for a few years and I still find new things I like about the sounds.

    The Blues hapr patch is pretty inventive on the XP series.

    Filters and pitch bends on the pitch lever.. works really well.

    Makes me want to get into Reaktor More

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    I actually held off getting GigaStudio because I was waiting for Roland to put out their next greatest thing. But when it was only the 3080/5080, I was really disappointed. Up until GigaStudio came out, I think Roland was the place to be for orchestral sounds/samples.

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:
    The Blues harp patch is pretty inventive on the XP series.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Cool King I use that sound in my band when we cover Dave Matthews \"What Would You Say\", the harp solo by John Popper.

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    \"But when it was only the 3080/5080, I was really disappointed\"

    I love my XV3080! I added the Studio SRX card. It\'s a great sound module. I do pop rock, I love the guitar (acoustic mainly) sounds!

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    Munsie, I was just referring to the orchestral sounds of the 3080/5080. They weren\'t any better than my 1080 IMO. Even now, they still haven\'t released any new SRX expansion cards for better brass or woodwinds--just for strings.

    The 3080/5080 may rock for what you are using it for, but it is no longer the top of the heap for orchestral work that the 1080 was. All IMO of course.

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    The JV/XP series was/is a major standard in tV and video game music. I even heard some JV Orch Board sounds on TV today.

    which brings me to a point I wanted to bring up in a nother thread....

    about tweaking. Sounds get tired and recognizable..... I think in the end I will always be a tweaker no matter what library gets released. After a while I\'ll get tired of the sound as will anyone else....

    even \"cool\" people got tired of the distorted TB 303 Bass a few years ago (again).

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    The centre of our studio for several years was an expanded 1080 and a 770. I think Roland\'s brass library has been a well kept secret for a while...

    In the last week I\'ve done about seven pieces almost exclusively with Giga and the 1080. (the 770 doesn\'t get too much of a look in since I ported the sounds to the Giga). It\'s hard to knock sounds which are \'ready to go\' when you don\'t want anything to get in the way of inspiration.

    Didn\'t Peter Sziedlacek do some of the Roland orchestral stuff?

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    Re: Rolands... wow!

    Some of the original Ralnd series Disc\'s strings are based off of AO\'s string sets

    Still in the end even with shorter looping theres more options for laering and filters and programming....and sound design in the Orch boards

    Not to mention compression and limiting for the loops.

    Still sometimes I find the soudns very usable. Especially for layering.... its about finding the right mix...which .... in the eend means... recording it and making your own Patch (actualy patches since I\'m finding different haprmicin variations in different sound tracks and playing styles)

    Really...I am an Idiot

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