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Topic: Simon...collegno+trills

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    Oh, how I loath you!

    Just kidding. I played this peice again today... you rock!

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    Re: Simon...collegno+trills

    \"Oh, how I loath you!... you rock!\"

    Yeah, I had a similar experience. Sucks, huh!? I played that and it wrecked my whole day...had to rip out a similir instrumentation part and start over: it didn\'t measure up. I told him he should develop that into something full blown, and if I he does, I would love to hear it. Still one of the best things I have heard from among members of this board. Darmn, I whish I thought of that!

    For you who don\'t know WHAT the heck we are talking about, see \"Opus 2\":

    [This message has been edited by dwdonehoo (edited 03-29-2002).]

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    Re: Simon...collegno+trills

    Not much to say except: Thanks guys.

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    Re: Simon...collegno+trills

    You got it!

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