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Topic: nice prices

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    nice prices

    Just in case anyone is about to take the plunge, here are some prices e-mailed to me from soundchaser (there are more - worth checking it out)

    More Great Deals on Powerful SoundWare:

    Dan Dean Solo Strings: Reg:159.Sale:109.00
    Dan Dean Giga Bass Reg:119.Sale: 99.00
    Vocal Planet: Best vocal collection; Reg:399.Sale:329.00
    Metamorphosis : Total Groove power: Reg:199.Sale:169.00
    Symphony of Voices:5 CD London Choirs: Reg:499.Sale:417.00

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    Re: nice prices

    Saving money is great... but I swear, these sales sure put me through stress!

    For example, a new VotA with its male and female choirs at $500 (maaaybe $400 if I\'ve got points at SoundsOnline) or SoV with its huge variety for $417?!

    And I love doing business with SoundChaser... they\'re always so great with their email support. Whereas going right through SoundsOnline, you rarely even get a reply.

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    Re: nice prices

    I would just call them and give them your best offer what you are willing to pay, see if they take the bite. Guys, the ONLY reason some sample prices are so high is because a few of you are willing to pay $500.00-$1000.00 for a sample library. Common sense tells you, if no one buys it at those high prices, they WILL lower it eventually.

    Hey, regardless how long it takes them to make a sample library, the bottom line is what WE the consumers are willing to pay for it.

    So the next time library X comes out, and you are really excited about it and really feel implusive to buy it, slow down, give them a call and tell them it is too high. (If you honestly fell that way.) If enough consumers do this, the prices will fall.

    The library is already developed, it\'s up to us if they make any money at all from their venture.

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    Re: nice prices

    Munsie, if that were true, don\'t you think that Miroslav would have lowered the price on his $5,000 library by now?

    Composers working as professionals can either write off the cost of samples on their taxes as a business expense, or can get the company they are working for to buy it for them.

    Considering the prices I have paid for audio hardware over the years (synthesizers and the like) the prices of GigaStudio libraries are not really out of line. Sure they are expensive, but they provide a service that no one else can provide. What will drive their prices down is if someone else either provides this service (i.e. the high quality sounds) at a better price, or creates better sounds, thus negating the competitive advantage of the expensive library.

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    Re: nice prices


    thats kind of like saying if we dont pay for gas at high prices they\'ll come down....


    we need these libraries so we have to buy them and cant just wait for developers to lower the prices.

    I stilll dont think that the prices are outragous (except Miro)

    I still consider them the same as buying an instrument to make music.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: nice prices

    AGGGHHH!!!! For the love of god, no more soundware sales! I have racked up one mutha of a VISA bill this year from buying sound libraries from Soundsonline, etc. When they have these sales--I\'m like a rottweiler in a meat factory!

    I feel better now...

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    Re: nice prices

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:

    thats kind of like saying if we dont pay for gas at high prices they\'ll come down....


    But King, that is what happens. If supply is tight, prices rise. If demand is high, prices rise, and vice-versa.

    There is a lot more going on with oil/gas prices of course, but a lot of libraries do exist within the normal supply/demand paradigm.

    I don\'t think the Miroslav does though. It\'s like any very high-end luxury item, where cost is secondary - like diamonds, for example, they cost a lot but it\'s all manipulated by a single company; their \'true\' value may be a tenth of what people pay (or less, given that they little \'industrial value\' these days).

    I think the Miro might come down though, with the advent of more competition. Or maybe he\'ll come out with an updated library, and discount the old one.

    Almost every library gets discounted at various times of the year, and that\'s when to buy.

    Here, we can keep each other informed of various deals and sales: I feel sorry for people who buy something one week only to find it on sale the next.

    Just try not to be so desperate, bide your time and there are great deals available on most libraries.

    I don\'t think there\'s anything wrong with \'haggling\' though, I reckon you can haggle on anything in any country if you get to speak to someone who has the power to make the deal.

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    Re: nice prices

    \"Munsie, if that were true, don\'t you think that Miroslav would have lowered the price on his $5,000 library by now?
    Composers working as professionals can either write off the cost of samples on their taxes as a business expense, or can get the company they are working for to buy it for them.\"

    That\'s my point EXACTLY! Certain individuals, like commercial composers who can basically past the cost of the library to the client, will pay those high prices, and then write them off. For the record, I expense all of my music purchases.

    Certain libraries as I\'ve said before, are higher priced to keep the masses from using them. I assume they don\'t want the guy working on the lastest film to have the same string sound as someone posting his first mp3 at mp3.com.

    At $5000.00 a pop, they are filtering out their market, I would think if they get 20-30 sales a year they are happy. Plus from a marketing stand point, what a deal they can provide to the end user, HALF OFF, only $2500.00!!! Act now! jeesh...

    Remember, it\'s always easier to lower prices than to raise them.

    My point is, there are indeed certain libraries I would pay $1000.00 and up for, a GREAT electric library for instance I would jump on in a heart beat. But, if I did not think it was worth it to me I would not by it \"anyway\". Take for instance QL Strat. I waited a long time for it, I thought the original asking price was too high so I did not buy it. Now it\'s down to a level where I\'m thinking about buying it. And thanks to the feedback from this board it sounds like it may be a better value at the lower prices.

    Take your time, voice your opinion, ask for discounts. Tell them you\'re not going to buy it at it\'s current price if you think it\'s not priced fairly. After spending several $1000\'s of dollars on cd coasters, my impulsive days are long gone.

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    Re: nice prices


    Comparing 1000 bucks to 300 for a guitar library is quite different IMO

    same with vocal libraries and other libraries.

    IMO Guitar libraries should be on the cheap end.

    mostly because I beliece that most anyone can learn to play the guitar, just like the piano (sampliing a piano doesn\'t even really require a good player, just constant velocites and time....and good editing/programming)

    not to mention if you effect the crap out of the guitars.

    Its why I think Franky\'s stuff is a great value, and so is the DC stuff.

    I haven\'t played with QL strat, but nick knows I\'m always bitching about his prices....maybe its East West\'s fault and not Nick\'s... I dunno.

    Still in the end, all the QL products I\'ve purchased (and one I want) are very useful, and that\'s not something I can say for some libray developers.

    I can complain all I want about QLB\'s original price,..but I use it all the time.

    Its a matter on which part I focus on. The fact that I want more, or that I\'m getting something very usable. (do I deserve more....if so why the hell dont I do the sampling myself?)

    in the end I still believe that the value of a library isn\'t defined by the amount of cash you spent on it, but how you use it.... and I\'ll say it again....we can get ALOT out of the current libraries....non distorto guitar or not

    BTW I\'m thinking of releasing the guitar library in a \"volume\" type at 19.99 a pop

    again because I believe guitar players are a dirm a dozen.....expecially heavy metal guitar players.....maybe its a left over jaded feeling from growing up in the late 80\'s- early 90\'s

    Must be how anyone doign a \"basic\" electronic loop library feels nowadays. No wonder their so cheap.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: nice prices


    and BTW


    too bad I\'m feeling the same as Phatlippz.....


    maybe they\'ll swing me free shipping if I order them all MWAHAHAHAHA oh wait...I\'m broke...nevermind.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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