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Topic: Make a MUSICAL sampler, not a technical

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    Make a MUSICAL sampler, not a technical

    i´d like to pick up the last post from Kenn to give a statement about the original target of a sampler, which should be to play MUSIC as good as it can.

    I am no way impressed about 200 voices or 64 MIDI-channels or samples that can be 10 minutes long. INSTEAD

    1. Any sampler that is capable to randomly switch the sample or to alternate between samples after every note played and...

    2. any sampler that would be able to measure the time elapsed between notes played to switch between samples to perform natural phrasing (attack-sample, legato-sample, release sample)

    would be the REAL revolution.

    Dear guys from Nemesys,
    Since you have provided now a system with unlimited memory - please come back to the basics: MUSIC.

    You are FAR AWAY from the idea of behavioral sampling. But your product has the best basis to make it.

    After having kicked away technical barriers, build in some smart features that make Giga sound revolutionary better.

    It´s time for quality - not quantity!

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    Re: Make a MUSICAL sampler, not a technical

    Looks, sorry \'sounds\' like GS is ready to use AI algorithms. Neural nets anybody?

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    Re: Make a MUSICAL sampler, not a technical

    While I agree with Horst that quality is important, I would suggest that quantity and quality are inextricably tied together. The limitations of RAM/ROM based samplers requires the sound designer to make many unmusical tradeoffs just to cram the samples into the limited space. The freedom that Gigasampler gives us is truly revolutionary. More notes of polyphony, more MIDI channels, more output channels, more dimensions, higher bit resolution, etc. all expand the musical possiblities of GS.

    Many excellent ideas have come from the contributors to this forum. I think it is to NemeSys\' everlasting credit that they are listening. GigaStudio will include MANY of the suggestions that have been posted here. Certainly Kenn159\'s idea for random triggering is an excellent one. Horst\'s comment about phrasing (switching to a legato sample for legato melodic lines) is another excellent idea. No doubt Jim, Joe, Dave and Francis are listening to these ideas.

    All of this points to the beauty of software based sampling. Compare the pace of change we\'ve seen with Giga with Kurzweil, Roland, Emu, Akai and Yamaha.

    BRAVO NemeSys!!

    Joe Hardy

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    Re: Make a MUSICAL sampler, not a technical

    I agree with Horst,[dont get me wrong 64 midi channels and 200 voices would be cool too] we have lived through 18 years of the primative dark ages of sampling .With no real interest by the industry to move beyond the statusquoe by anymore than a snails pace. Where a sampler can only play back a recording of a given instrument frozen in time , with no personallity , or real time manipulation and control of thats instruments characteristics, like any real acoustic instrument can. Then came nemesys,[with the capabilty to do that] and totally blew all the compatition out of the water with giga\'s potential , so much so that alot of them had to create storys [Emu for one] that giga sampler can\'t loop and has latency problems . Well I think that were moving in the right direction , but I hope we keep moving in the way of more expression and real time control, in doing that, we can move from a characterless machine to a truly expressive instrument .

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