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Topic: Bigga Brass

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    Bigga Brass

    Has anyone tried out Bigga Orchestra Brass? Opinions?

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    Re: Bigga Brass

    I was about to buy them tonight. But once you get to the secure area there is another demo, 14thwarriorbob.mp3 that has turned me off to them. The other demos sounded very nice, but this one sounds like different samples. I\'m assuming that this demo shows the doubler presets -- but I think it sounds like the two versions are too similar and don\'t mix well.

    Can anyone with more understanding of this kind of stuff shed some light on this?

    Maybe I should save my money for some other new brass libraries. Any news on dan dean brass ensembles?

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    Re: Bigga Brass

    Hi Aenigma.

    Sorry that you didn\'t like the lastdemo, but I\'m glad you liked the other demos. I can assure you that it\'s the same libraries that has been used on all of them.

    We have sold quite a few BOB\'s, but the ones who have bought them hasn\'t been very active on this forum. BOB is going to be reviewed in \"Sound on Sound\", \"Keyboard Magazine\" and on the Sonic Control website, but due to workload, that could probably take a while. I\'m certain that there will be opinions about it here in the forum also in due time.

    Let me shed some light on the doubling samples: The doubles are played by the same musician, with the same instrument, so it\'s more of a doubling as in overdubbing oneself in a studio situation. I suppose that it would have been better to use another musician, or to have made the musician use a different instrument, but this feature sounds so much better then doubling the same samples.


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