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Topic: To: Rush fans everywhere.

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    To: Rush fans everywhere.


    Preview of title track, \"One Little Victory\".

    Thank you
    Francis Belardino

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    Thanks for the link, pal! Gotta check it out now.

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    Little late for a April Fools Joke! (The link didnt work, plus the name??)

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Munsie:
    Little late for a April Fools Joke! (The link didnt work, plus the name??)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I\'d call that a christmas present;-)

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    It\'s not a joke and the link works

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    ahhh, the page is down!!

    Trust me. It\'s no joke. go to:

    there is 3 mp3\'s there

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    Anthem/Universal Music Canada
    Recording Group

    Rush has announced details of their eagerly awaited new album, VAPOR TRAILS. The 13-track collection, produced by Rush with engineer Paul Northfield (Marilyn Manson, Hole), is set for release on May 14, 2002.

    VAPOR TRAILS sees the legendary power trio - Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart - redefining their intensely individualistic music, blending their famously complex dynamics with driving melodic hooks and a passionate, personal lyrical approach. Tracks like the kinetic \"How It Is,\" the emotive \"Sweet Miracle,\" and the propulsive album-opening \"One Little Victory\" are angular, atmospheric and altogether extraordinary. With the visionary new VAPOR TRAILS, Rush has taken a bold step forward, making it clear that one of rock \'n\' roll\'s all-time great bands are more than just back, they\'re better than ever.

    The album will be heralded by the single, \"One Little Victory,\" slated to ship to rock radio outlets nationwide on March 29. The band is currently finalizing plans for a major North American tour. Tentatively set to kick off in late June, the trek will mark Rush\'s first live performances since July 1997. The tour\'s first leg will be announced shortly.

    VAPOR TRAILS is Rush\'s 17th studio recording, and their first all-new collection in over 5 years. The Canadian trio\'s 22 albums have virtually all been certified CRIA platinum-or-better, with cumulative worldwide sales of over 35 million. The band were inducted into the Juno Awards Hall of Fame in 1994, received the esteemed Order of Canada in 1997 and were given their own star on the Canadian Walk of Fame in 1999.

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    Here is the track listing to Vapor Trails:

    1. \"One Little Victory\"
    2. \"Peaceable Kingdom\"
    3. \"Ghost Rider\"
    4. \"Ceiling Unlimited\"
    5. \"The Stars Look Down\"
    6. \"How It Is\"
    7. \"Vapor Trail\"
    8. \"Out of the Cradle\"
    9. \"Earthshine\"
    10. \"Sweet Miracle\"
    11. \"Nocturne\"
    12.\"Freeze (Part IV of \'Fear\')\"
    13. \"Secret Touch\"

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My FAVORITE band!!!!!!

    I\'ve been listening to Rush since I was a teenager. My early band even covered alot of Rush material. We were one of the few local bands to cover the entire 2112 epic live.

    Picture a drummer playing Niel Peart\'s riffs, while singing Geddy Lee\'s vocals, not a pretty sight.

    I saw the T4E tour twice, the second time in Dallas I was in the 3rd row. Simply incredible. Kinda cool to watch them trigger (via foot pedals) all of their backing material. (vocals, samples, etc..)

    Their new material sounds cool. I\'ve only heard the 3 small mp3 demos floating around. But they sound a little more edgy this time around, which is cool. I\'m also noticing alot of Geddy\'s MFH album being influenced here.

    Glad to hear the trio is back. Things didn\'t look so promising after Niel Peart\'s tragic loss of his wife AND his daughter. Amazing that he even came back to do another cd, AND decide to tour?!?!?

    Perhaps we\'ll finally see the T4E DVD that was promised a couple of years ago.

    These guys are pushing 50 and sounding as good as ever, and is it just me or is Geddy\'s voice sounding better than ever?

    Can\'t wait for the new cd, can\'t wait for the tour!!!!

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    Re: To: Rush fans everywhere.

    Rush, will always be a major influence in my life.

    At 14, I had to become a bass player.
    At 19, I had to get into synthesizers.

    Now, at 33, I have toured and recorded with major artist as both.

    I now work as a sound designer for a post production company in the city of Wilmington Delaware.

    If I never put on a Rush track, I may not have fell in love with Bass (no studio work, no concert work) or MIDI, (no knowledge of technology, no knowledge of recording and editing, no career), etc.

    Thank you, Geddy!

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