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Topic: ql 56 strat

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    ql 56 strat

    does anyone know where I can get the QL 56 strat for around $200? I was all set to but the cd\'s from soundsonline and just yesterday I noticed the price jumped from $209 back to $299....


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    Re: ql 56 strat

    That \"March Madness\" sale is over on soundsonline and I came sooo close to buying Rare Instruments....

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    Re: ql 56 strat

    www.soundchaser.com has QL \'56 Strat for $219.95. Just go to WIN > Software > MIDI Files/Synth Patches/Samples (ah, heck... here ya go... http://soundstore.holdit.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?category=43&x=2 ).

    Dunno what SoundsOnline had Rare for (somewhere around $360?), but SoundChaser has it for about $379.95.

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