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Topic: Star Wars: A New Era

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    Star Wars: A New Era


    My name is David Fang. During my spare time away from work and school, composing music is a hobby. However, I'm currently involved in a project called Star Wars: A New Era.

    Star Wars: A New Era is essentially a non-profit game modification based on the Half-Life 2 source engine developed by an international team of Star Wars enthusiasts, graphic artists, and game developers.

    As a request Invision Games have called me to compose several pieces for the game. They are mainly action cues, victory/loss cues, mysterious, and suspense cues. The music will not be entirely heard until the game is released however the main theme is currently available for listening.

    Just a background on the song, I purchased the Garritan Personal Orchestra just recently and the library have exceeded by expectations, especially for the brass section. Since this track is Star Wars related, there are many adaptations to John William's themes/leitmotifs from the Original Soundtrack. They include the popular Luke's theme, Darth Vader Theme, Droid Invasion theme, Force theme, and Storm Trooper theme.

    Track: Novus Tempus
    by David Fang
    (please note I did not compose the other tracks listed in the music player)
    Main Website:


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    Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    Good heavens! All this with GPO? I am not a gamer, but this sound is very inviting to play. Sounds like movie music. Great stuff.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    Yes, mainly with GPO. There might be some additional chorus in the background and other additional percussions (the notable metal sounding percussion), but overall its GPO.

    The usage of overlays creates that aggressive, massive sound.

    Instruments used:
    Woodwinds (I highly doubt you can hear them since they are overpowered by the brass section)
    2 oboes
    2 clarinets
    1 Flute
    2 bassoons

    Brass Section
    6 French Horns players/French Horns overlays
    4 Trumpet players/Trumpet overlays
    3 Trombones/Trombone overlay
    1 Tuba/Tuba overlay

    Violin 1
    Violin 2

    Percussion Set
    Tubular Bells

    Steinway Piano

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    Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    This is a very well produced work. Well done. I like the way you have been true to the Williams theme and yet developed it in interesting ways.

    It might be nice to have a little of the woodwinds come through occasionally.

    I am curious to know what tools you used to produce this? (sequencer/reverb etc)

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    Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    Very very Williamsish. I am also curious as to what program you used to render this.


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    Thumbs up Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    Wow, I am impressed! Again ... Wow!

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    Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    Used Sonar Cakewalk 6 and Garritan Ambience.

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    Thumbs up Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    Beautiful work, David Fang. Maybe they will make another sequel and use your theme. Do you mind if i ask what is the additional percussion you used?


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    Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    Wow, great job on this, David... writing,
    production, the works. A most impressive
    introduction of your work to us!

    Welcome to the forum!

    My best,


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    Re: Star Wars: A New Era

    I assume the background music that is being played at the link you posted is your writing. I must say that it is excellent and the GPO rendering is fantastic.

    I enjoyed all the Star Wars movies and am glad to see that the era of Star Wars is not over but continuing in a new vane. The piece does have an epic movie feel to it which makes it all the more impressive. I really enjoyed hearing it and wish you the best in the games development!
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