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Topic: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

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    Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    Whats the deal with ordering from northernsound? Are they *really* in business?

    <LI>I tried e-mailing to find out if they shipped my order. No response
    <LI>I tried calling. The phone rings a while then stops.[/list]

    This what you get for trying to support this site by making purchases online?

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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    Given that they charge full retail prices, I’m not sure why anyone would buy here.

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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    Well speak up? Give us some better sources for LOP?

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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    just go to Big Fish Audio http://www.bigfishaudio.com


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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    I bought GOS from Northern Sounds last fall. Before buying, the guy from Northern Sounds answered my questions. But as soon as my order was made, I never heard from him again. I was wondering if my order had been received, etc... I tried many times to enter in contact with him (many phone calls, many messages left on answering machine, many emails...). Not a single answer after the purchase was made. I finally got the library 2 weeks later.

    About one month ago, I figured out I never got a receipt for my GOS, and asked Gary if he could send me one (for my taxes). Gary told me that since I bought from Northern Sounds, I had to ask them for the receipt!

    So I tried again to get in touch with them, but as you could imagine, never got any answer.

    As far as I\'m concerned, I will never do business with them anymore. They really s*$%.


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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    thanks Donnie.

    Yeah, I went there. Northern is cheaper (see orch page). I wanted to also support this site.

    Well I tried northernsounds again. Got through this time. Seems the place they order their shipments from is backordered a few days as the developer changed distributors, and it should be shipped friday...we will see.


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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PaPa Chalk:
    [B]First with regards to MartinL we have responded to you previously via email and indicated to you that we do not issue hard copy receipts your email receipt is the only receipt issued by northern sound source. This has always been our policy.

    Well strangely, I never received your answer... as I never had any answer after my GOS purchase this fall.

    I do have and use an hotmail account... Maybe that explains some communication problems, but certainly not all.


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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    I have know the guys at Northern Sounds now for a couple of years. I am quite confident in saying that they do take their business very seriously and I\'m sure most of these situations are just misunderstandings. They are very nice guys and are always a pleasure to work with.


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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    Hello Martin, We have tried contacting you by phone again and we left a message also(today) and previously. We also left our phone# in which you have contacted us by phone previously. Not sure why you can\'t get us either way. http://www.northernsounds.com/contact.html

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Whats the deal with northernsound source?

    My only suggestion to them today was that perhaps they should update their support page a bit to reflect:
    <LI>Hotmail account issues
    <LI>Tracking numbers - if you want them please call[/list]

    Take a look at audioMIDI.com\'s site. Click on ABOUT US, then look at CONTACT INFO and POLICIES for examples of materials to emulate - full or in part.



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