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Topic: VOTA may have a BUG in it - HELP

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    VOTA may have a BUG in it - HELP

    I purchase VOTA last week. Since loading it I have encoutered a very significant problem in my Soundchaser system. When I use VOTA in a setup over time various slots thoughout the 4 ports will lose one side of their output. When I go into the DSP station the meters will only register on the left side and I only hear output from that side as well. There is no rhyme or reason as to which sounds or slots its happens to. The longer I work with a particular setup the more slots will be effected. Switching the sound assigned to an affected slot does not change anything. I did not encounter this problem before I loaded VOTA (I have version2). I also have not been able to duplicate this behavior in a setup that does not have VOTA loaded in it (but I\'m still trying). Can anyone out there shed some light on this?? Soundchaser has been very helpful but we still have not found a solution.

    In fairness to VOTA - there are a number of other things that could be causing this.



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    Re: VOTA may have a BUG in it - HELP

    check your pan settings in teh general Mixer page of GigaStudio (main page)

    if its off kilter, then you may have erroneous pan messages being sent out.

    I get this fro mtime to time with dirty faders set to the CC for Panning

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: VOTA may have a BUG in it - HELP

    This has happened to me a couple times over the years. I have no explanation for it. This was before VotA.

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    Re: VOTA may have a BUG in it - HELP

    I don\'t think its the panning. The signal is just gone on one side. There is no level regardless of where I pan it.

    Anybody else out there having this problem?? Perhaps some of these large libraries are too much for the current Giga software to handle when you have a whole bunch of other stuff loaded as well. I still think there may be a particular programming technique in VOTA and possibly some other libraries that is bringing out a bug in Giga. Anyone else out there run into this??

    HEY KING - is there anything else you can think of that may be causing this??

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    Re: VOTA may have a BUG in it - HELP

    I have had a similar problem with QLB, where certain instruments have suddenly gone nearly mute, and nothing can get their volume back up, even erasing the instrument and reloading it off the CD. It as if GS remembers to turn to volume almost all the way off withthis particular instrument, and nothing can convince it to put it back the way it was. I do not have this problem using my AKAI sampler with the same instrument. Wierd.

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