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Topic: Hardware/Software Synthesis

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    Hardware/Software Synthesis

    I need all your advice

    I currently am looking for a good Hardware/Software Synth that can produce Organic type sounds, and rhytms, such as the Tr909 series or Linn Drum sets. I am looking for rhytms/and organic type stuff similar to Enigma/Deep Forest stuff, but also am looking for sounds similar to BT drums. I love the rhytms from Fast and Furious and also like the beats in KPAX movie.

    What Synth Hardware or Software or Giga Libraries would you recommend. I currently have a Roland xp30, but find its limiting with these type rhytms. Also is there any other Synth that will give me the above requirements as well as good Orchestral sounds? I have been looking at the Yamaha EX5 and VL 1M.

    Any suggestions welcome!

    Please shed some light, its dark in here

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    Re: Hardware/Software Synthesis

    I haven\'t tried it (and I\'m not sure if it\'s on the market yet) but you should have a look at the new Kontakt system from Native Instruments: http://www.nativeinstruments.de/index.php?kontakt_us

    It may be the answer to all of your wishes in a single package (by the way, if you eventually get one, please post and let us know what you think: it looks very powerful and only seems to lack streaming technolgy).

    The specs on this thing make it look very tempting.

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    Re: Hardware/Software Synthesis

    Thanks Z6 I will ook into that

    I read a little on this, but am also truly looking for that nice Enigma type Drum Beat.

    Anyone used the Ex5?


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    Re: Hardware/Software Synthesis

    I have an EX5...good presets but I find that if you\'re ready to dig in, you\'ll find that it\'s a very creative synth.
    There\'s PCM, analog and VL modeling in there as well. Also there\'s a good selection of onboard FX.
    thumbs up!



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