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    writing it for a spy char in a game...it aint finished yet

    Just curious to how bad it sounds as mp3


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    Re: Comments

    Sounds great Riggs.
    It\'s got an underlying intense feeling which has a nice orchestral weight to it. Moody, military with enough variation in the percussion and melodic elements to keep things interesting. Just the kind of thing I like.

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    Re: Comments

    It\'d be cool to have the percussion in the beginning in stereo.

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    Re: Comments

    I thought it sounded really cool and atmospheric. The small string stuff sounded cool and the reverb/space seemed about right.

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    Re: Comments

    Thanks for the feedback guys, i really appreciate it,

    a_sapp, i will look into the percussion it sounds like a cool idea.

    Thanks again


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    Re: Comments

    Sounds really cool.

    Yeah A_Sapp is right. Listen to Elfman\'s score for Mission Impossible (1). He\'s doing some extreme panning there. Listen to the 1st track for example.

    Would be cool if you can do something like that, but be careful not to overdo it, for it would draw too much attention from the gameplay

    Perhaps try some auto panning for the main beat and have some of the nice accents from 0:28 suddenly play extreme L or R.

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    Re: Comments

    Thanks maarten, and every one else.

    Im looking into the panning situation.
    i will have to post the final on here..


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    Re: Comments

    I agree with donimon very cool & atmospheric! It has a propelling feel to it, the music is slightly pushing you forward. Yet there is still an expectancy of things to come. Both integral elements in game music...makes you want to keep playing (Gotta get to the next level even though I\'ve been playing for 15 hours straight!!!)

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