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Topic: Big Band Music

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    Big Band Music

    Anyone know where i can find big band music created by Gigastudio.I just did a Basie piece and am quite pleased but would like to hear the real mcCoy from the experts.

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    Re: Big Band Music

    I am a huge fan of big band jazz music!

    The sampled \"Vintage Jazz Guitars and Tenor Banjos\" from Bardstown Audio feature the right kind of acoustic archtop jazz guitar for that Freddie Green Sound of the Count Basie Big Band. Also, the \"Bosendorfer Imperial is a very nice bright sounding piano for Basie jazz piano, though it can also be filtered down with various presets in the gig file for very nice softer classical, ballads, new age, etc. You can check out these sampled instruments in Giga format at www.bardstownaudio.com

    The acoustic bass in the Dan Dean Bass collection features a very nice acoustic bass for jazz. Donnie Christian of DS Soundware has completed programming some very nice saxes and other brass instruments, which will be released very soon. These new sampled saxes and brass instruments have great potential!

    Bardstown Audio

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