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Topic: my own humble TCM contest entry

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    my own humble TCM contest entry

    This is a short piece I did for the TCM Young Film Composers Competition for a Don Juan 90-second action clip. I really liked Jamieh’s work on his project… and I’m really wishing I’d picked a different clip to do now that I’ve heard it, lol. But I enjoyed making it and learned alot, so I feel content. Last year at this time I was still very much learning the basics of midi and Giga in general, so I feel that I see my own progress, and that in itself is enough to make me feel successful to some degree. Since I used Maarten\'s Timpani and Trumpets, I thought I\'d post a link to it to say thanks for making them available. I don’t yet own the libraries that I need, so they really helped me alot with this project. Any feedback would be welcome. And again, thanks, Maarten.

    On a musical note - stylistically it does kinda wander around a bit, I know, and the theme is a bit cheesy too, but damnit I had fun doing it, heheh. That being said, please lemme know what you think.

    Samples Used:

    Maarten\'s SAM Trumpets
    Maarten\'s Adams Timpani
    AO Strings Giga
    Xsample - French Horn and Trombone
    ProSamples - section FHorns, section Trmpts, and solo Tuba
    Miroslav Mini Flute (came with my Delta 4/4 soundcard)
    Sonic Implants - GigaSessionDrums2

    And the cymbals I recorded myself here at home.

    It\'s called High Adventure at the top of the page.

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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    Nice track, i think i may grab more of your music of the mp3 site.... very good...

    you made the cymbols? i like em....


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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    Hey, great work. I agree with Riggs, I really, really liked the cymbal work; very subtle way to carry the action. The percussion in general, I liked a lot.

    Actually, it sounded like you \'compressed\' a much larger work into this snippet. It was as if there were plenty of themes you could have worked much more if the piece was longer?

    The french horns were nice and the only thing that stopped it sounding like a completely high-end professional score (and I mean \'high-end\' this isn\'t a criticism, I\'m comparing it to my opinion of hollywood end-product) were a few string passages below the standard sound-wise of the rest of the work, and a slight lack of power in the trumpets where it sounded like they should be blasting. (Damn that cymbal work was so clever, it was like a 21st century jazz drummer started jamming with an orchestra from the seventies.)

    Damn fine.

    Nice orchestration. I loved the way you \'married\' the percussion with (what you described as) a little \'cheese\'. Man, that worked so well.

    Like Riggs, it makes me want to hear more. I\'d really like to hear something you did that wasn\'t \'tied\' into an old movie clip.

    Incidentally, I couldn\'t see the movie so I don\'t know how well it \'worked\' exactly. But it stands on it\'s own.

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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    I just listened to \"The Fall 4\" on your page.

    Fantastic! Are you telling me you didn\'t win with this?

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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    Wow, thanks Riggs, Z6. I was actually expecting to get a bit more ripped up than that, heheh. I appreciate the Fall 4 comment too, but after listening to the finalists that made top 10 that year, I really saw why. They were very, very well done I thought. The Fall was my first ever attempt at using Giga, so I really had no serious expectations, and the same applies to this year as well. As I said, I feel like I\'m slowly getting better, both compositionally and as a sequencer, and I think that\'s reward in and of itself. Got a LONG way to go though, and I have no illusions about how difficult it will be. Then again, its so much fun

    As far as the percussion goes, I really struggled with it. I know very little about writing for percussion as a wind player myself, and that is something I have to work on. So I spent alot of time adding and deleting drum tracks until I finally ran out of time. So its a big relief to hear something I was terrified about complimented. Thanks you very much.

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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    Nice work Michael! I especially like the beginning and the last 30 seconds or so. I\'ve listened to just a few of the entries up on MP3 by doing a search, and yours is one of the better ones I\'ve heard.

    Good luck! Maybe we\'ll get lucky and both of us will get picked.

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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    Thanks Jamieh! btw I emailed you from your MP3.com\'s artist contact page before I posted this. Since we both did the same clip and I hate musical competition (like to just leave that to the judges) I thought I\'d make sure you didn\'t mind me posting mine at the same time here. But I didn\'t hear back from you so I went ahead. Hope that\'s okay. As I said above, I really liked what you did with the clip, and I think I learned alot from listening to your work. Good luck to you too!

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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    Actually I was hoping some other people that posted up here entered the contest. Obviously with anything competitive things can be touchy, but I enjoy seeing how other people approach the same clip. With music like this, there is no \"right\" answer, just a myriad of different approaches, and I find I can always learn things from studying the approaches of others.

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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    hey does anyone have any contact info for the turner contest people? I uploaded an entry to mp3 site over 3 weeks ago and I finally got an email response today saying something was wrong with my .mp3, which is BS btw.

    Anyway does anyone know how to get in touch with these people?


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    Re: my own humble TCM contest entry

    Donnie, did you encode it 128K constant bit-rate? MP3.com rejects everything else. Their customer service is SSSLLLLOOOOWWWWW. It takes them about 10 days to get your stuff up even if it is all hunky-dorey.

    Probably your best bet would be to contact Mark Northam at Film Music Magazine: mnortham@filmmusicmag.com

    I believe he manages the contest.

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