I am looking for recommendations for drum/percussion/bass and fx cd\'s. Here are my thoughts so far:

1. bass - scarbee j-fingered

2. drums - not sure; I don\'t know what the best of the best is anymore; i still use clearmountain; basically I want something with lots of high hat velocities for opening and closing of the hats; and of course I want awesome snares, toms and rides; I would like samples as well as loops (perhaps separate cd sets if needed)

3. percussion - basically I need conga, bongo, etc - i.e. ethnic stuff; again samples and loops are what I need

4. FX - I use distorted reality right now; love it but was wondering if there is something better now; on bestservice.de site I saw something called BT Textures that sounded interesting; basically the types of effects I need are just atmospheric, trance type of stuff (pads, drones, etc); I love DR for these types of sounds even though it isn\'t GIGA (w/ FX giga\'s advantages are minimal)

5. strings - I would like solo and ensemble; I can\'t afford the best here - certainly not viroslav; but I definately need high quality here

Any suggestions?