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Topic: to the soundsmith

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    to the soundsmith

    In your earlier reply to chadwick you stated \"The best solution I\'m aware of is to record the original sample without vibrato, and then add in the desired result when performing the solo instrument by using a ribbon controller like on the Kurzweil 2500/2600 series. You can use pressure for volume, position for pitch, and control with one finger essentially the same way a violinist/cellist does. As detailed an expressive as you can be, using a keyboard as input device, and playable in real time, too!\"

    Can you give some advice how to set this up with giga as the ribbon transmits CC 21 and CC 53. How are you accomplishing using the ribbon with giga instruments? I\'m anxious for sometips and advice. Thanks. I own a K2500 by the way.

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    Re: to the soundsmith

    Esteven1, in all honesty, I have not set up a patch for Giga yet. I use this with my hardware synths, and haven\'t had the time to locate a Giga sample that has no vibrato so I could test. Part of my first statement was \"record without vibrato\" which most developers don\'t do.

    BUT: You can reassign the controllers from the ribbon to whatever you wish in the 2500, so I am assuming (and we ALL know what that means! ) that it is no problem.

    I will try and test this today and tomorrow (I\'ve got a lot of stuff in my face at the moment so it may be Sunday before I can even do some quick programming...)


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    Re: to the soundsmith

    OK, I\'m back. I see the problem-the Ribbon will not do pitch bend, it uses auxiliary pitch (CC 15 on the KW has a special meaning to itself.) It WILL, however, map to ANY CC message-go into Setup and find the Ribbons page.

    I\'ve been doing this with KW patches, so I figured it would work-BUT, there are two solutions, still. One is to use a MIDI Solutions Mapper (or perhaps the Anatek equivalent, if you can find one) to convert the CC15 into pitch bend. The other is to get a Roland AX-1 or the new AX-7 when it\'s released, these use the ribbon to generate actual pitchbend messages. With the Roland, you\'d need to also use the Expression bar to get the amplitude component, where with the KS/Mapper solution it\'s all in one gesture.

    Sorry for the confusion and misinformation, I\'m guilty of extrapolating without a license!


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