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Topic: My first attempt...

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    My first attempt...

    First of all I like to tell you how impressed I am with many of you composers.

    It is truly incredible how one can create with samples.

    Well I use to sell Audio/Midi gear and heard about Giga. Well I played with it and love it so I bought it myself. I am very new to all this, and have not much knowledge of GigaEditing.I stayed up late one night and came up with this.

    Here is my first Demo: http://davidalamein.tripod.com/

    I used Thomas J flute and want to say thanks for the free download.

    I would appreciate your help, as I would like to get to your level, understanding all this stuff surely is going to take a long time to learn.

    Anyway thanks for yout time.

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    Re: My first attempt...

    ....and I hope lots of more attempts will fellow. Very nice mood!


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    Re: My first attempt...

    Cant wait to hear more!

    Which strings?

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    Re: My first attempt...

    Thank you for listening

    I only used Ultimate Strings and some AO. I wish I had the money to buy a better string collection, but I am trying to get by with what I have.

    I do not know how you guys do it, but I wish to learn and get better at this stuff like most of your demos. I find it very hard to create with strings, to make then sound more real.

    Anyway, your comments are much appreciated


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    Re: My first attempt...


    Nice tune, i like the layering of the strings you have done...really nice flute..

    You get that off Thomas?

    Is it available for download still...?

    Keep up the demos, if they are anything like the one on your website they will all sound great..


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    Re: My first attempt...

    Thanks once again for sharing the flute Thomas!!

    Yes I think you can still get the free sample


    You need Winrar to open it.


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    Re: My first attempt...

    How did you get Legato so smooth?

    I have Thomas J Bamboo and it does not sound the same, did you tweak it in Giga?

    I think you should put on your Website that your Mp3 is 3.5MB as I get peefed to wait and wait for a download with 56K.

    ...You do have talent if this is your first Demo! Very Good!

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    Re: My first attempt...

    Thanks so much for the url...very nice flute


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    Re: My first attempt...

    Youre welcome

    The strings were tricky, and it was hard for me to implement legato. I had to know when to release the notes so that they could flow into the next, then I increased and decreased expression( I still need alot of practise, as it is hard for me)to hide the loop points in US. Otherwise I like the Viola on US alot.

    I have a very limited library, and hope to master these first before buying more..



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    Re: My first attempt...

    Downloaded flute again. Works better!

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