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Topic: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

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    Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    I am thinking of buying a some brass samples and was wondering which was better.

    Quantum leap brass or Dan Dean solo brass?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    Logan, they are different libraries for different needs. Dan\'s Solo Brass are top notch and one of my favorite libraries, but I don\'t find them sufficient for ensemble sounds. Quantum Leap Brass is pretty comprehensive for ensemble sounds, but I feel they lack the \"bite\" of the Dan Dean Solo sounds. I have both libraries and layer them together for a sound that I like pretty well. But I know that is an expensive proposition.

    You might want to consider holding off and seeing how the Dan Dan Ensemble Brass stuff turns out. I know Dan is working on it, but I don\'t know the timeline. If you can\'t wait, then base your decision on this: if you can get by with a few great solo instruments, go with Dan\'s library. If you have to have ensembles, go with Quantum Leap, but be prepared that you probably aren\'t going to get the \"in your face\" brass that a lot of people want.

    One other thing to note--the Dan Dean stuff is strictly orchestral, while Quantum Leap brass has pop patches and some sax stuff on top of the orchestral patches.

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    Re: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    I don\'t know DD Solo Brass, but I find QLB is able to do very in your face stuff with a lot of bite. I\'m happy to send you an mp3 of some stuff if you want.

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    Re: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    I\'d say go for QLB (especially if you can catch a sales price at SoundsOnline or SoundChaser).

    It has solo and ensemble, while DD only has solo. I\'m sure with some new brass libraries coming out later this year (or early next), QLB will be slightly outdated, but that in no way means you won\'t use it constantly.

    Seems like most people\'s only gripe is the lack of a solo horn... so a possible solution there would be to buy QLB and somewhere down the line get Dan Dean\'s solo french horn by itself, which would be around $100.

    Anyway, catch that sales price and check it out.

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    Re: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    I bought both libraries last week.

    Dan Dean, because they are so bright, lack that ensemble quality for orchestral stuff. I\'m still trying to figure it out. They do have some ensenble solo variants which I need to play with to see if they will work on chords.

    QL has more realistic ensemble solo instrumnets which I find warmer, but doesnt have a variety of solo patches for strictly orchestral stuff, with articulation controls. When I say this I mean w/o concidering their combo samples such as 3 trombone and 4 horn patches which I cannot use on chords (e.g. 4 horns * 3 note chords = 12 horns) to get true mockups of live players. They DO have alot of pop and jazz (miles etc) solo patches, as well as a complete SAX library which Dan Dean does not.

    I would have to say get both if you can afford it. If you are looking for solo legit, go with dan. If you are looking for orch section, ensemble, or commercial, go with both or with QL if you are on a low budget.

    Im glad I got both, because I can make Trumpet 1 - dan dean and Trumpet 2+3 a combination of both

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    Re: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    Might I humbly suggest that you check out \"Bigga Orchestral Brass\" at www.biggagiggas.com


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    Re: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    Thanks for your help, I think I\'ll be going for the Dan Dean samples.

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    Re: Which brass sample CD (QL or DD)

    anyone else qualified to comment on the biggagigga suggestion, particularly as compared to the other two present competitors?

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