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Topic: Pads, Pads, Pads

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    Pads, Pads, Pads

    How \'bout a Sample Library with tons of Pads. Something that actually takes advantage of the synthesis capabilities of the sampler in question and doesn\'t just play back waveforms. Tweakability is paramount.


    How is Analog Meltdown?

    Anyone create all their own pads? What do you use. Techniques? Synths? Samplers? Wavetable? Analog? Sample playback?

    What synths do people use for Trevor Horn/Eno Pads? Electronia Pads? Texural Ambiences?

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    Buy an Access Virus C....

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    Pads look to be covered by the new spectrasonics plug in players.
    One is dedicated to just pad sounds and I bet it will be great. http://www.spectrasonics.net/instruments/index.html

    It will be available for PC as a vst plug in so you can run a light version of cubase and a few of these along side GIGA.

    Man are things getting fun!

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    I agree with Simon on the Virus. I think Softsynths are great and practical, but to me they don\'t have the punch. When I sat down and played a chord on the Virus, my jaw dropped. It sounds huge and full. I\'ve yet to find a softsynth (or Giga for that matter) that really has the same power. I use Giga everyday, but I\'ve sort of given up on using it for killer synth sounds, which is fine, it plays back the real sounding stuff just fine. Best of both worlds I guess.

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Simon Ravn:
    Buy an Access Virus C.... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Is the \"C\" out yet?

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    Yes I think so. Prolly not shipping before 1-2 weeks though.

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    I think I\'ll wait for the C to come out and buy the B which will hopefully drop to around $1000 (or less). Zzounds has already got it for $1,199.99.

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads


    I was just looking into the Virus C over the last few weeks: listening to mp3s etc etc and I KNOW I\'m gonna buy one. It\'s just so cool to log onto this forum today and find you recommending it independantly of what I was coming to realize on my own.

    IS it out yet? Suggestions for stores with the best prices?

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    What is the difference between the C and the B? What is the price point?

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    Re: Pads, Pads, Pads

    There is a big price difference between the rack mounts and the Keyboards.

    I am tempted to get rackmount, but am I sacrificing the true power of Virus?

    BTW I did my first demo you can listen to it it under the topic: My first attempt...

    Let me know what you think.


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