It is obvious and unfortunate that my honesty gets me in trouble sometimes. Therefore I am going to try to summerize my thoughts and take a little vacation from NS to let things settle down.

I will say again though that especially in todays society where everyone will lie to your face to get ahead or to SELL you something that my honesty, whether you agree or not, is not valued more. From now on you can just refer to me as the \"John Wayne\" of the music industry because I\'m not changing !

Number one I do think over packaging cd’s is wrong. Plain and simple it is a marketing tool used to get your attention. For example, If I told you I had a 10 disc percussion library for $500 or a 1 disc library for $75 which would you want to buy? There’s no question your going to go for the bigger more expensive one. It’s kind’ve like with potato chip always will go for the big bag even though it’s only really 40% full.

This is just my opinion and I thought I was helping by making people aware by my post. Just because I’m a developer doesn’t mean that I can’t have opinions and try to help other users.

To clarify something that got misunderstood although it shouldn’t of is that all developers must play on all there recordings. I clearly said in my list of things that developers shouldn’t be expected to do all of these but they should at least do some of them. Next time read my posts thouroughy before foaming at the mouth to jump on me Ryan.

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I don’t know who you are are what your motives are but you are WAY out of line here. I’m not going to go on and on and defend LOP because it needs to defending. Just go to the movie theatre or turn on your tv and you’ll here why this library is so popular.


Here is how the LOP Timpani are laid out.

There are three patches of Timpani and you get two different kinds of makes (do you get that with anything else???)

Adams General Mallets
Adams Hard Mallets
Walter Lights General Mallets

With each of these timpani you get the following articulations:

Hits 4 velocities (left and right hands) AO has that right?

Rolls 3 velocities

Hand Muffled strokes 8 velocites (dito and the AO thing again)

3 stroke rolls 3 velocities (everyone has this....right?)

Cres. Rolls two speeds fast and slow.

The notes recorded are F2,A2,C3, and D#3. These notes were picked for a make a nice seemless transition from note to note which they do.

Each of these files is right at 100mb. We were NOT going for the 600 mb patches on this......thats what we have Ultimate timpani for.

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I’m not going to get into a pissing match with you again but I will say this. Since you always want to play the “poor me” good guy I’ll accept my role as the heel and just play it out. Just the fact that you come on here when you do with your links is in bad taste enough. Do you really think you are going to get members that way??? To me you are just a punk a s s kid living at home with his mommy trying to be a big shot. Let me give you some advice....DO SOMETHING....ANYTHING....before you try to act like a big shot again. Oh, and don’t bother responding because your a complete tool and I’m just going to ignore you from now on. So go think up some really heart wrenching sob story of how I keep picking on you and you just a nice guy try to help...........vomit



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