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Topic: Composer 22

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    Composer 22

    Hey, I can\'t speak for UOP but DO NOT BUY LOP for the Timpanis.

    The Roll articulations and the Cresendo Rolls are unuseable. They are very, very poorly performed and the programing is even worse. In some cases the Timpani roll sounds like a 16th note measured tremelo at 105 bpm because of the poor performance and programming. Some of the samples have been stretched over 5 semitones so the speeds of the rolls and cres rolls are radically different.

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    Re: Composer 22

    No worry

    I also have Ult. timpani Library as well

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    Re: Composer 22

    Are the rolls and cresendo tremoli better on the Ultimate Timpani library?

    I am pretty pissed at the fact that the LOP library doesn\'t have these Timpani Articulations in any kind of a usable format.

    I swear to God the timpanis on AO are performed twice as good as the LOP ones. I don\'t get it. This is so amatuer.

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    Re: Composer 22


    Listen to the demos online @

    or nemesysmusic.com

    They seem to be true.

    I dont have time to look in detail, but here is a detail listing of all patches:

    Cartwheel Cres and Decres
    Cartwheel Cres and Decres Pan
    Cartwheel Hand Muffled
    Cartwheel Hand Muffled light
    Cartwheel Hand Muffled Pan
    Cartwheel Hand Muffled Pan light
    Cartwheel Hits
    Cartwheel Hits light
    Cartwheel Pan
    Cartwheel Pan light
    Cartwheel Bass Timpani
    Cartwheel Soprano Timpani
    Cartwheel Rolls
    Cartwheel Rolls light
    Cartwheel Rolls Pan
    Cartwheel Rolls Pan light
    Green\'s Cres and Decres
    Green\'s Cres and Decres Pan
    Green\'s Hand Muffled
    Green\'s Hand Muffled light
    Green\'s Hand Muffled Pan
    Green\'s Hand Muffled Pan light
    Green\'s Hits
    Green\'s Hits light
    Green\'s Pan
    Green\'s Pan light
    Green\'s Bass Timpani
    Green\'s Soprano Timpani
    Green\'s Rolls
    Green\'s Rolls light
    Green\'s Rolls Pan
    Green\'s Rolls Pan light
    Medium Cres and Decres
    Medium Cres and Decres Pan
    Medium Hand Muffled
    Medium Hand Muffled light
    Medium Hand Muffled Pan
    Medium Hand Muffled Pan light
    Medium Hits
    Medium Hits light
    Medium Hits Pan
    Medium Hits Pan light
    Medium Bass Timpani
    Medium Soprano Timpani
    Medium Rolls
    Medium Rolls light
    Medium Rolls Pan
    Medium Rolls Pan light
    Medium Soft Cres and Decres
    Medium Soft Cres and Decres Pan
    Medium Soft Hand Muffled
    Medium Soft Hand Muffled light
    Medium Soft Hand Muffled Pan
    Medium Soft Hand Muffled Pan light
    Medium Soft Hits
    Medium Soft Hits light
    Medium Soft Hits Pan
    Medium Soft Hits Pan light
    Medium Soft Bass Timpani
    Medium Soft Soprano Timpani
    Medium Soft Rolls
    Medium Soft Rolls light
    Medium Soft Rolls Pan
    Medium Soft Rolls Pan light
    Fingers and Hands
    Fingers and Hands light
    Fingers and Hands Pan
    Fingers and Hands Pan light
    Bass Fingers and Hands
    Alto Fingers and Hands
    Timpani Extras
    Wood Cres and Decres
    Wood Cres and Decres Pan
    Wood Hand Muffled
    Wood Hand Muffled light
    Wood Hand Muffled Pan
    Wood Hand Muffled Pan light
    Wood Hits
    Wood Hits light
    Wood Hits Pan
    Wood Hits Pan light
    Wood Bass Timpani
    Wood Soprano Timpani
    Wood Rolls
    Wood Rolls light
    Wood Rolls Pan
    Wood Rolls Pan light

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    Re: Composer 22

    Ok you piece of crap this is starting to piss me off. Having an opinion is one thing but posting to every topic you can with the same lies is going overboard.

    Everything was recorded by PROFESSIONAL percussionist (Sean and I). We have the degrees and the resume to prove it.

    This is obviously some personal thing you have with me. The problem is that you don\'t just effect me but my wife, my son, Sean, and his family.


    [This message has been edited by donnie (edited 04-08-2002).]

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    Re: Composer 22

    Donnie is bezerking so...

    Im going to post this wherever i see the whacky flames about LOP timpani. I have both the Ultimate Timpani Library AND LOP.

    The LOP timpani are fine, especially for orchestral work. The two general .GIG files will give you everything you need and enough variety. The Hard patches are a matter of taste, which means some people, based on their compositional flavour will write with these. For me, LOP Timpani is helpful for most of my orchestral scoring work. If I am going to record, the Ultimate Timpani Library is extremely extensive and can be utilized to get every nuance etc. I\'ve played around with the Ultimate enough to know it will take me many days to understand the extensive power...it\'s BIG and extremely well recorded.

    My vote is to get both...


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    Re: Composer 22

    You have Donnie\'s response, I hope it is what you were looking for. I will respond differently and attempt to educate as in addition to my performance profession I also am a music educator by profession.
    Timpani rolls, as with any percussion instrument will vary in speed with several factors coming into play. The pitch of the instrument, length of sustain of the head (or bar) and volume of the roll. Lower pitch, longer sustain and softer volumes are generally played by alternating strokes at a slower rate. The higher the pitch, shorter the sustain and louder the volume, the more quickly the strokes producing the roll will alternate. With a cresc. roll the speed of the roll will actually increase with the volume of the cresc. And, this is true with just about any percussion instrument, even snare drum \"buzz\" orchestral type, multiple bounce rolls.

    Now, I did say \"generally played\" because this in indeed not always the case with lesser libraries that do not have professional players performing the sounds. Obviously, this is what you are used to hearing. If all string, brass or w.w. libraries were as poorly created as other percussion libraries, you would expect to hear out of tune, beginner instruments played by amatures and I guess would be dissapointed here too if that is not what you got.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Composer 22


    I really appreciate your support. It is so refreshing to see someone who \"gets it\" and understands what we are trying to do.


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    Re: Composer 22

    I forgot to add:

    These are true timpani - miked close. You are probably used to hearing them in a hall and think they dont sound played well.

    Have you ever stood next to a timpani while it is being played?

    And you cant just throw them into a reverb hall setting and expect to get good depth. Try feeding your in\'s to a mixer and routing it to a reverb unit (not inline). Pull down your source to bare minimum if not OFF and let the reverb be your principal source. Experiment with the levels and percentage of the feed to the reverb and you may be surprised. Some people try a touch of delay too. Timpani are usually in the back of an orchestra center. Their main purpose is to highlight not only the fundamentals (usually tonic or dominant in CLASSICAL music) but also the higher overtones. Consequently, they play an extremely important role. They are also hard as hell to play and tune, and why 1) they don\'t do doubles 2) they take a lifetime to master. 3) they get paid $$$$.

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    Re: Composer 22


    Can you clarify for me? Are the timpani rolls multisampled chromatically? Can you please respond to this thread with what is contained in the library to those of us who have not yet purchased it?

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