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Topic: Reverb Approach - What's your style?

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    Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    I saw an interesting thread a while back discussing different reverb units that are on the market, but the search engine seems broken right now to xreference it here.

    One thing I haven\'t been able to determine in the past from posts is what people use to emulate orchestral recording. A mix of ideas but it wasn\'t clear what is the current call?

    First, record each section or instrument dry. Then...a number of options...

    1 reverb approach
    Use one reverb to adjust for depth, adjusting a mix between source and reverb in\'s for each section or instrument.

    2 reverb approach
    Same as above only the first stage is applied on either an individual instrument or group to get a small resonance and then applying a second reverb (either same unit or another brand) to the entire mix. Apply a depth mix between source and reverb in\'s on either the first or second stage. Which one?

    And how are people using EQ? Separation only? WWinds? Strings?

    How is this being utilized with the above chain?

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    I use somewhat of the second approach with reverb.

    Depends on the sound I\'m after in the end.

    EQ is usually instrument by instrument...and library by library.. Usually before reverb.

    I dont use actual effect delay in orch arrangements. I do use some big pre delay settings on brass tho

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    So, hypothetically:

    Instr Group 1 ==>EQ==>Reverb==>50/50 mix
    Instr Group 2 ==>EQ==>Reverb==>30/70 mix

    Mix1, 2, n ==>Master Reverb==>90/10 mix==>Disk

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    That\'s basically how I set mine up real time in Vegas, though I\'m not satisfied with the end sound I get still. This is probably due to a lack of experience, though I experiment for hours on end sometimes if something just \"isn\'t right.\"

    I\'m on my way in just a few hours to purchase a hardware reverb unit and test it out. I\'m probably looking at the Lexicon MPX-110 or MPX-200. Any other suggestions? What have some of you been happy with?

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    I heard the TC M3000 is good?

    And avoid the Lex for orchestral stuff

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    I use a mixture of different reverbs, usually for different groups. For strings I use a PCM90, for some woodwind I use an absolutely blinding little software rev called Silverspike (which has a beautiful, rich sound) but often for brass I like the rev built in to my DPS factory soundcards (based I think around the Rev500). There\'s a part rev/part chorus template called Sympho/rev (or something like that) that does wonders for a big brass sound in a tutti. I wouldn\'t use it on a solo oboe but its a brilliant effect if used at the right time.

    For positioning, there\'s not much more user friendly and enjoyable than the Cakewalk soundstage.

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    I heard the Cakewalk FX3 - you can hear tails. I was thinking of getting this plug...also Waves Rennaisiance is supposed to be fantastic

    I heard that a mac product called altiverb...

    is supposed to be fantastic...based on threads...

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    Woah, that\'s the first negative comment I\'ve heard from anyone regarding Lex verb. My other contender was TC, but that\'s what I was going to explore today at the store, finding differences (I\'m going to bring in a few dry tracks of instruments on a cd and run them through various machines, but its a far cry from taking it home and getting to know em.)

    Please, I\'d like to hear more about why lexicon is inappropriate for orchestral stuff? I haven\'t heard this even from my engineer friends (though they record bands, and have made it clear to me they are not orchestral engineers, so maybe they\'re just not thinking of the purchase from the standpoint of my needs?) Either way, I\'d like a little more info if ya don\'t mind comp22?

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    This is all through my search here.

    The TC M3000 recommendation came from BardsTownAudio who posted a response a while ago. There was another Reverb unit Quan-something which was better for orchestral but there is nothing I can find online in any of the stores...And I cant search so I cant find the original thread.

    The MAC product people were gaga over...but I dont have a mac

    And I dont have 2k to purchase a high end reverb.

    I will prolly go with the waves and short term with the FX3

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    Re: Reverb Approach - What\'s your style?

    quantec yardstick

    edit: addition:
    do you mean the waves RVerb, or trueverb? How\'s the 480L (for stereo) or the 960L (stereo and 5.1) \"not suited\" for orchestral productions?

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