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Topic: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

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    Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    Hi I have a full blownSoundchaser system. I\'ve really been happy with it and highly recommend them. Recently I\'ve been experiencing some popping and dropouts when I am using some of the larger libraries together. For example I\'m using VOTA with GOS and Xsample harp Dan Dean winds etc. These are suplimented with various orchestral stuff that is not as large (converted stuff). Average around 40 total instruments that are loaded My memory usage is from 65-80 percent and I use from 48-54 midi channels over the 4 ports. The cpu never gets hit too hard. Polyphony is usually around 140.

    Is it unrealistic for me to expect to not experience dropouts in this setup?? I always do the delete down to 5% and reload the setup to \"JOG\" the ram. The current problem literally sounds like giga is not keeping up with streaming off the two audio drives. I think I may have unrealistic expectations about what I can achieve with only one system.

    Main question - is anybody out there hitting a system with similiar demands and not ever having any problems??

    Also, is there any issues with performance based on where a particular libary is located on a harddrive?? For example, if a larger sample is loaded on the drive before a smaller one etc. I assume that spreading the demand equally across both harddrives is also a good idea - i need to look at that. I may be hitting one drive a lot harder than the other because GOS and VOTA are both on the same one.


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    Re: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    If you dont delete and copy a lot of files around on your drives, defragging won\'t help, though... I never delete any samples. Do you??

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    Re: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    Hey Simon are you using VOTA or any other libraries that use cross fading and release samples?? This seems to be what places the high demands on my system. Can you achieve a full orchestral arrangement and then do some 6 part writing with VOTA?? Just curious



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    Re: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    I have a system where I always get 160 voices no matter which libraries I use. Three letters: No, not V-I-A, but S-i-S...

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    Re: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    Sounds like you need to defrag your \"gig\" drive.


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    Re: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    I don\'t have VOTA, so no, I can\'t say so. But I do use GOS, which has 4 crossfade layers.

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    Re: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    I think VotA is more demanding than GOS becuase of its release triggers.

    but then again
    GOS plus legato mode plus EXP mode and multiple notes can be pretty demanding as well

    both of these at the same time from one drive? WITH big arrangements?

    I think you\'re asking for a bit much.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Certain Samples are causing system dropouts

    Give me VOTA and I\'ll tell you if that gives me problems I can\'t imagine it. The SiS chipset seems so efficient that I can throw everything at it.

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