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Topic: Accordions !

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    Accordions !

    We\'ve updated the Post Accordion for Gigasampler disk. There are now extra controller dimensions. All instruments use the modulation wheel for filter and amplitude swells. There are 4 new instruments. Two use the mod wheel for crossfades from Musette to SuperMusette. Another instrument uses the General purpose control faders 1 to 4 for real time timbre shift from Accordiana to Hohner 4\' to Musette settings for both.

    Please listen to the new (expessive) demo and let me know what you think:

    For existing users we have the (free) update available at: http://www.postaudiomedia.com/basishtml/updates.html

    The library is on 1 (only one!) CD-ROM for a reduced price ($80).

    The accordion is very popular here since a royal wedding (Dutch prince with an Argentina girl) where a Piazzola tango was performed life during the wedding. This made us start working with the Post Accordion Library to make it more suited for tango.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Accordions !

    I\'m a big fan of Piazzolla and have a lot of his cd\'s. I had the pleasure of meeting him when he was in Vredenburg (Utrecht) many years ago.

    I made this demo with my small midi keyboard that has has 8 midi pots on it. I use this a lot for control of all the general purpose controllers that are mapped to \"expressiveness\" in the patches.

    Another option would be to use a breath controller to send gen purpose data.

    This library really makes it fun to experiment with that. The accordion is an instrument that needs fysical input from the player to come to life.
    Have fun!


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    Re: Accordions !

    As an accordion player, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on accordion samples. This is the best sampled accordion to date.

    The single note stuff sounds pretty believable. The chords, however, give it away to my ear. It\'s pretty difficult to duplicate the sounds and phrasing that can be done with a set of bellows. A guy like Nick Ariondo can play the instrument in a manner that literally makes it sound like a whole orchestra..even better than the Garritan Strings!

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    Re: Accordions !

    Delicious! I just ordered it (just so you\'ll know a good demo does its job from time to time). I am an enormous fan of Piazzolla, consider him up there with Ellington or Gershwin in terms of serious&popular 20th century composers. Well, it\'s not a bandoneon (sp?) but it sounds great to me. Good price too. Thanks, Michiel.

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    Re: Accordions !

    Thank you, I take that as a great compliment coming from an accordion player!

    Chords...I played these chords with my right hand. I should have included samples of the left hand chords but we didn\'t record those at the time we recorded this stuff. I agree that the chords in the demo give it away as sampled. This leaves room for \'real\' accordion players to be better after all.

    There is a fantastic book \"le grand TANGO of Astor Piazzolla\" by Maria Suzana and Simon Colle that I can recommend to anyone seriously interested in Tango and the music of Piazzolla.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Accordions !

    Hi all
    I just ordered it.
    Note to developpers : this is what a demo should be. This one made me go to Post\'s shop and click all the \"submit\" buttons I found.
    The reverb could be avoided but it\'s the first time I can hear all what I need in a sample library... In a tiny mp3.
    Thanks Michiel, be sure I\'ll post mp3\'s of the good work I will perform with your great library.
    Note to some other developpers : dudes, stop making noise in the forums in front of your customers. These place looks like my favorite italian restaurant these days, excellent food but the bosses are always fighting behind the bar, sometimes I can\'t even enjoy my meal...

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    Re: Accordions !

    noenoeil: Thank you very much. I really appriciate this. Please let me hear the music you will make with the library.

    Have a great time and enjoy your meal... !

    Good point!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Accordions !

    Hi Michiel,
    I purchased \"Post Accordions\" a few months ago, in akai format (owning at that time only EXS24) then converted it to Giga as soon as I got it.
    Well, I\'ve not been very happy with these accordions, neither on EXS nor on Giga : to my ears, there are weak things in attacks, in some loops, even in some noises plaguing some pitches here and there, all that making me find more than a half of them unusable for really pleasant accordion solo lines.
    So I wonder if conversion is the one to blame, or the akai programs themselves ?
    Besides, I wonder if I would have any advantage in purchasing the Giga format : any differences in sample size (maybe longer loops or no loops), any improvements in programming ?
    To be frank, I heard the Bardtown Audio\'s accordion demos, and even if the relatively higher price prevented me to jump right away, I must say they seem to sound cleaner, and more realistic.
    May I have your frank developer\'s opinion on that comment ?

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    Re: Accordions !

    Shure you can have my frank opinion on that one, that what this forum is all about.
    The forum is a way for me as developer to express and communicate ,a way to get free publicity (I’m not afraid to admit that) and a way to learn about our users needs. That is why I value your response as any other.

    The instruments I recorded were not all in perfect -brand new- shape. What you hear is the actual instrument, with it’s associated noises and irregularities. Some love that some people hate it. Frankly I use the Hohner patches only. The others ad charm and life but I prefer the sound of the Hohner Morino. It was performed by a famous Dutch accordion player who I admire. Maybe that influences my cjoice. The new General Purpose Patch that I added to the Giga disk makes a combination of these sounds with Accoriana and Concertina sounds and adds the ability to cross-fade between the sounds AND adds mod-wheel controlled filter and amplitude changes. Things that weren’t possible in the Akai patches as these samplers are very limited. In the Akai S1000 you can only load one patch at a time, thus making it absolutely impossible to achieve complex results. In my opinion the best results are always achieved by combining (layering patches) according to your needs for a specific piece of music. This is true for accordion sounds also. A dry sample of a simple patch is mostly unusable because it’s crystal clear that it’s a sampled instrument and not a real instrument. When you combine things and add clever programming stuff to add expression you can trick the listener ears and make him believe he is listening to a real instrument.
    I happen to own the Bardtown Audio’s accordion cd. I find it not right to express my opinion about it in this context as it would only lead to fights or wrong impressions. Kip recorded very high quality instruments and there were recorded very well. When you listen to his demos you will probably feel there is slightly less expression compared to my latest demo. At least that is what I feel is missing. That doesn’t say his or mine are better or more usable. It just depend on what kind of music you are going to make. I really enjoyed listening to Kip’s demos. For the rest: the two libraries just coexist. We don’t want to start a competition here.

    You own the Akai version but work with Giga. I would suggest sending me the Akai disk and I’ll send you the Giga version v.3. This way you can find out for your self if the conversion is the issue that is bugging your appreciation of the product. If not we’re one step further and nobody loses anything. Send me an email and I’ll give you the mailing address.My address is postaudiomedia@xs4all.nl

    I think it’s fair that when somebody change platforms (like you do) you are entitled to swap the distribution form in which the samples come (Giga, Akai, Kurzweil) . I wish more companies followed such a strategy as that would save me *****’s of dollars! Unfortenately I’m kind of an expeption here.

    Hope this helps,

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Accordions !

    Hi again, Michiel,
    I read your reply to my post (no play on words...) and I want to thank you very much for that fast and kind feedback.
    - First, I think your comment on Kip\'s library is very respectful and balanced.
    - Second, your proposal for a swap from Akai to Giga is more that I could expect, and proves that you really care for the people who buy your discs.
    I wish that all developers were so aware of this sampler-switch issue, and ready to react like you.
    So, although I will now join you \"in private\", with your email, I wanted to express that last opinion publicly, since I expressed the first one in the same way.
    Thanks again.

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