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Topic: Enough with the bickering, already!

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    Enough with the bickering, already!

    I can\'t believe it\'s gotten to the point where I am actually going to flat out ignore reading messages and subject headers from a few people in this group as soon as I see their names.
    Do us all a favor, and keep this kinda junk limited to private emails. I don\'t have the time or the patience to scan through posts trying to find something other than flames, which is becoming increasingly difficult with some of the grade school mentalities in here. Carry it on in private emails. All you\'re doing is dragging the group down and making yourselves look like idiots...no offense, King...I just couldn\'t think of a more fitting word...


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    Re: Enough with the bickering, already!

    Thank you, Scott. Fully agree,


    In defense of KingIdiot, who has not responded, I offer the following bowdlerized and recategorized (it\'s originally about lawyers) joke:

    A guy walks into a bar and shouts out, \"All developers are idiots!\"

    Another guy at the end of the bar says, \"I take offense at that statement.\"

    \"I\'m sorry, sir, are you a developer?\"

    \"No, I\'m an Idiot!\"


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    Re: Enough with the bickering, already!

    Thank you Scott. We have also left another post about this on the forum.

    We would also like to bring to the attention of the parties involved that there are many countless users’ who do not post on this site but they read the post here.
    These users email us at northern sounds. The majority of these users are completely tired of this. They are not taking any sides just tired of it all.
    If you want to continue bickering please email or call each other you have each other’s info.

    PaPa Chalk & Desound

    PaPa Chalk
    Northern Sound Source

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    Re: Enough with the bickering, already!

    I agree Scott. It took me four seconds yesterday to look through posts I didn\'t want to read.

    I just don\'t have that kind of free time.

    At the risk of being banned, I think the content of what is often decribed as \'bickering\' could be examined a bit more closely.

    If I see someone flagrantly \'assualting\' an innocent party, I don\'t see what good it would to e-mail the \'offender\'.

    If someone wants to attack someone else for no reason whatever, I believe that public ridicule is much more effective; as the \'offender\' may then think twice about another \'public attack\'.

    If my posts have offended you in any way, I apologize, my intent is not to annoy others.

    But descibing all parties involved as \'idiots\' and accusations of childishness are hardly \'neutral\' comments.

    The apparent desire to \'get back\' to sample discussions is often mentioned as if there were a time when that and only that happened.

    A lot of the recent \'bickering\' took place because someone didn\'t like a particular drum roll, and the \'drum roller\' keeps assuming that nobody heard that he hates another developer, and a third person posted some of the most offensive rants I\'ve seen on this board, and he sullied the name of an up and coming composer who can live without that kind of \'advertizing\'.

    This is all part (surely) of the discussion?

    When I make my meagre effort to take these people to task, I do my best to make it as entertaining as possible for the neutral observer (who somehow manages to glue his eyes to the words against his will; although I have no idea how that could occur).

    I don\'t believe a few clicks on your part is really such a huge burden. And as you say; run down the names and don\'t read.

    I may or may not be banned for such, but I have not ever, and will not allow unprovoked personal attacks to go unanswered.

    Dismissing it ALL as bickering simply encourages such behavior.

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    Re: Enough with the bickering, already!

    \". . . will not allow unprovoked personal attacks to go unanswered.\"


    I\'m with you on this one. But having kids has taught me to pick my battles carefully. Unfortunately, the consequences are not always pleasant. I\'ve been biting my tongue since Saturday night, and now my thpeech ith all methed up.


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    Re: Enough with the bickering, already!

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by PatS:
    I\'ve been biting my tongue since Saturday night, and now my thpeech ith all methed up.


    Well, I know I\'m probably in the wrong, but I just got bored reading Donnie\'s interminable whining.

    It is unfortunate that this medium makes people feel they can go away and concoct feeble smart-arse answers instead of just \'getting it\'.

    I absolutely want to hear strong opinions, but when people start slagging-off others, and don\'t get a little smack for it, they just keep on and on and on.

    I noticed somone citing the distinction (again) between developers and customers. I don\'t think that has anything to do with it at all. And I think this whole professional/amateur distinction is a function of this forum. I\'ve worked in a number of professions, and the only people I ever saw who kept rattling on about it were the seriously insecure.

    It is a matter of simple common decency. I attacked poor little Donnie and his buddie on an innocuous thread precisely because Donnie had declared the thread his opportunity to suddenly become innocuous (a man reformed, no doubt).

    I couldn\'t resist having some fun with that. I got tired of hearing about his degrees, about how dedicated he was, about how Wacky\'s criticism of his drum roll had affected his family. If this forum is to be dominated by such a mentality then Papa won\'t have to sling me out on my ear.

    And the incessant jealousy of Garritan? Did Mr. Garritan kill Donnie\'s cat?

    I suppose now I\'m going to get the moral brigade clucking at me for my innapropriate and peurile behavior, and how I\'m wasting all their precious time with my little diatribes.

    As for Compo22, I didn\'t look for that. I didn\'t even know that it was him who had apparently \'supported\' Donnie. The only reason I even wrote that sentence was because I was so entertained by Donnie\'s dyslexic meanderings (apologies to dyslexics who might find that offensive; indeed Donnie\'s lack of communication skills runs much deeper than simple dyslexia - in my home country he wouldn\'t have an \'o\' level, never mind a degree; he is a walking, (almost) talking indictment of the US educational system.) Damn, now I\'ve gone and offended another whole bunch of people.

    But old Compo put the boot into quite a few innocents in his previous diatribes so I just went for a package deal. I think his responses (now deleted) prove that his \'original\' uncharitable rants were the real guy and all the chummy stuff was a rouse.

    But I am a bad boy. I know that. Here I am again using up all that precious bandwidth with subjects unrelated to sample libraries.

    Unfortunately, half of the comments on libraries seem to lead to personal insults. I am quite interested also in the apparent inability of many (it seems) who are unable to differentiate between personal insults and the retorts thereof (although I confess my guilt in this case if we are to assume that each new thread represents a fresh start for all).

    Thanks to Donnie and Compo for being such immobile targets. It is like hunting buffalo from six feet with a high-powered rifle.

    Donnie, you won\'t believe this, but one day you may thank me for my comments.

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    Re: Enough with the bickering, already!

    You\'re rambling again z6...I\'ve made efforts to clean up my act...now stop the diatribe...

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