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Topic: Conserving Memory - Sample Counts

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    Conserving Memory - Sample Counts

    I have a question regarding memory conservation. I\'m trying to pick my least memory intensive patches when I am sketcing full orchestra.

    How can we easily determine the sample counts for .gig OR individual patches within each .gig file w/o using editor? With editor? (so I can choose least intensive versions)...

    the FAQ states the following, but you still need to get accurate sample counts from the files. You can\'t compare counts in a QuickSound list, or at least I don\'t see it anywhere...any ideas?

    \"A computer with 128 megs of system RAM can load approximately 1200 mono or 600 stereo samples. The complexity of the instrument determines how much memory it will use up. You could have one instrument use up all 700 samples or have 700 instruments with 1 sample each or any combination in between. If you add more RAM to your computer then you can increase this number. GigaSampler will not limit you. The approximate relationship is.
    32 Megs RAM – 216mono\\108 stereo
    64 Megs RAM – 500 mono\\250 stereo
    128 Megs RAM – 1200 mono\\600 stereo
    256 Megs RAM – 2500 mono\\1250 stereo
    And so on. \"

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    Re: Conserving Memory - Sample Counts


    Open the instrument in the editor, select the patch you want to check in the upper left pane. Then click on the narrow strip above the graphical representation of the layers in the lower middle of the screen. The strip (button) says something with velocity. In the window that opens you get the choice of changing number of dimension splits. There is also the info about number of \"discrete samples\". One stereo sample=two discrete samples.


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    Re: Conserving Memory - Sample Counts

    Thanks Hans. And thanks for your wonderful piano.

    Anyone. Isn\'t there a way to do sample counts outside of having to open the editor for each file I own? Is there a batch utility? Does anyone know the file layout/header so I can write a custom utility to dump this information?

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