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Topic: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

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    mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    At the request of someone on another topic I thought I would post a short demo utilizing the cres. rolls in LOP.

    This is using the TC Megaverb on the TC Powercore card which I just got.


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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.



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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    of COURSE!!!

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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    Thanks guys....BTW I got a Powercore recently and man is it awesome. If anyone is looking for much less expensive and just as powerful substitute for Pro Tools this is your ticket! You can stack up to four cards in one computer and each card has 4 motorola chips that are more powerfull than the PT mix farm cards.

    The plugins that come with are VERY good and there are more 3rd party plugins coming. I am beta testing for an eq from Sony that absolutely blows everything out of the water!


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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    Dumb question--will both Digidesign and TC cards co-exist peacefully in the same machine?


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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Phattlippz:
    Dumb question--will both Digidesign and TC cards co-exist peacefully in the same machine?


    Yes and no...

    Yes, you can have both in the same computer and use a Digi Mix Core and Mix Farm cards with Pro Tools software, but you cannot use a TC Powercore card in a Pro Tools session. You can use the TC Powercore card in DP, Logic, Cubase, etc., on the same computer with the Pro Tools PCI cards, but not with Pro Tools hardware and software running in the background. In other words, you can use one or the other, but not both at the same time.

    I have this particular setup in one of my Mac G4\'s with a Mix Core, Mix Farm, TC Powercore, and a RME DIGI 96/8 PAD card. With this setup, I have the best of both worlds... Digi Mix Plus system, and also a different system for high definition recording, mixing, and mastering, without having to upgrade to Pro Tools HD. Actually, it is a better system than the new Pro Tools HD 192 system, considering the Benchmark converters I use are better converters than the new Digi 192 converter box.

    Bardstown Audio

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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.


    Tell me if I am wrong, but Emagic makes a TDM Bridge that allows use of TDM hardware as well as Native Plug-ins. I have no idea whether or not \"Native\" would include a Power-Core system but it seems like it would work in theory. If it is possible, Logic would be the only sequencer that supported it.

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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    I have much of the same set-up Kip has and have the same problem when you want to use the Powercore under TDM. Yes you can use Logics TDM bridge to access standard TDM plug-ins under the Logic VST skin, but...this is related to another problem; the Powercore is a non-standard VST plug-in board. It uses its own format that\'s not compatible with existing VST plug-ins. You can select the TC plug-ins and run them on the Powercore card without adding to the CPU load of the host system. But you cannor use standard VST plug-ins and run them on the Powercore card instead of the CPU. So you can use VST plug-ins in VST and add the TC plug-ins in the Powercore board. You cannot use the TC-plug-ins under TDM.
    These plug-ins are available as TDM plug-in though so this is probably just a matter of time. Just as AudioEase (who made the fantastic AltiVerb MAS plug-in) came with the VST wrapper that allows MAS users to run standard VST plug-in someone will come with a \"TC-wrapper\" for TDM systems.
    Probably most big plug-in designers like WAVES and others will come with TC-Powercore versions of their software.

    Another solution which I also use is the Creamware XTC card, that is comparable to the TC Powercore. It\'s using Sharc processors to run the best Creamware sysnth\'s and plug-ins under VST applications without accessing the CPU, just on their own DSP chips. I even prefer the Creamware XTC board as it has more synth\'s and even a softsampler working (you can use Powersampler softeware called Volkzsampler here) and that is a very good appplication.

    And yes I agreee with Donnie the TC-plug-ins are excellent. They have a multi-band compressor and the TC-Verb that comes with the board and these are top products for mastering.

    Great demo btw!

    Michiel Post

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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    ************Not trying to start anything; just asking a question here************

    Wacky....I thought for sure you would have something to say about the demo I posted. Is this what you were talking about? Just trying to figure this out....


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    Re: mp3 of LOP Timp Cres.

    Thank you for the demo Donnie, it is excellent!


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