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Topic: question about editing samples....

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    question about editing samples....

    I want to use an audio editing program to edit some samples. So I figure I could export the wav files that the .gig uses- change them in the sample editor and save them - and then replace the original wav files in the gig. Assuming I do nothing to the pitch of the samples- and make sure to do this to every velocity layer- this should keep the structure of the gig exactly the same and keep the timbral editing right? However whenever I try this it never works. the range and transpositions get all screwed up. this confuses me because I dont touch them at all- just the source wavs.... Any thoughts to what I\'m doing wrong? Thanks in advance,

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    Re: question about editing samples....

    All you need to do is open up an instrument in the editor....right click on the .wav file you want to edit and choose \"edit audio\"...then make the changes in your editor and hit save in your editor and the GS editor....that should work fine...


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    Re: question about editing samples....

    thanks for the reply, but I want to edit the samples in onar and use all the plugins I have there. Gigastudio does not recognize Sonar as an audio editing program- Audio files must be \"imported\" in to Sonar, they can\'t just be opened. If you know how to get around this it would be equally helpfull.

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    Re: question about editing samples....

    Your wave editing program should be able to open direct X plug-ins from Sonar from a shared plug-ins folder.

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    Re: question about editing samples....

    thanks agian for the reply, but I only have the free wave editing programs like goldwave and the basic version of cool edit- neither of which support plug-ins.

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