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Topic: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

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    Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    Firstly, my apologies for starting yet another piano thread, but I have been saving my pennies, and want to make sure I purchase a sample set I will be happy with. (have been burnt several times before!)
    I have been using East West’s Bosendorfer and Steinway B for quite a while now, and although I am reasonably happy with them, I expect the newer piano samples would be a big improvement. (I play jazz piano)
    It appears either Kip’s Bosendorfer Imperial or Michael’s Grandioso are the way to go. I will not ask which one is “better” as I am fully aware it is a matter of personal taste.
    However, before I purchase, I would like to get opinions from anyone who has either library, and possibly how they compare to East West Bos and Steinway.

    Thanks everyone


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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    I have the malmsjo and the giga...

    I am leaning to Kips next. I need a good SOLO piano for my collection. I cant get enuf pianos!

    Malmsjo is great for ORCH and CHAMBER Piano (very warm and very intimate - good blender), but perhaps hot heavy enuf for an in the front of an orchestra piano or with a chorus.

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    Thanks for your input, but I was more interested in those who have Kip\'s Bosendorfer or Michael\'s Grandioso, and could make comments on each. Also hopefully to be able to compare them to the older East west Bos and steinway B, and whether there has been a marked improvement...

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    I can’t keep repeating myself enough: the Bosendorfer Imperial and Grandioso Steinway D are two different grand pianos. There is IMO no question of which one is better. They are both very well recorded and edited samples of acoustic grands and they offer a very realistic sampled grand. They both do. Now these two grand piano differ in many aspects. Some musicians perform on Steinway grands only, other prefer the Bosendorfer. With these two you have –say- 90% of the top-pianists choices of pianos.

    Now I can imagine you want a piano that fits best with your specific needs and I cannot judge that from my position.

    The best starting point would be to listen to the demo files we provide of both libraries.
    Post Musical Instruments decided to make an audio cd that shows some of the GRANDIOSO Steinway D recorded music in CD-quality for your evaluation. If you send me an e-mail at postaudiomedia@xs4all.nl we’ll send you the free audio CD.

    When you visit http://www.bardstownaudio.com/frames/mp3.html and http://www.postaudiomedia.com/basishtml/demos.html
    You will find the demos of the GRANDIOSO and Bosendorfer Imperial.
    Some of them are from the same piece of music so you can compare the sound side-by-side.

    I’ve copied the links of two of these pieces below.

    GRANDIOSO Steinway D
    GRANDIOSO Purgatory Creek shoutout midi file http://www.postmusicalinstruments.com/demo/Purgatorycreek%20test.MP3
    Fantasie Impromtu http://www.postaudiomedia.com/demos/grandioso%20%20piano/PMI%20STEINWAY.mp3

    Bosendorfer Imperial
    Bosendorfer Imperial Grand solo Purgatory Creek shoutout midi file http://www.bardstownaudio.com/mp3/shoot.mp3
    Fantasie Impromtu http://www.bardstownaudio.com/mp3/001B.mp3

    You say you’re mainly looking for a solo piano and you perform jazz music.
    Check out the http://www.postmusicalinstruments.com/demo/jazz%20impro.MP3 and http://www.bardstownaudio.com/mp3/006.mp3 demos.

    Hope this helps!

    Michiel Post
    Post Musical Instruments www.postmusicalinstruments.com

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    I agree with Michiel,

    two different pianos not one thats better..

    maybe one that suits your needs better

    I Have Kips/Bardstowns bosie

    Its a great jazzy/solo piano.

    I\'m not a piano guy myself, but when I fool around with it, it reminds me of Who framed roger rabbit\'s jazzy piano sound. (sorry, yah I know film score...sheesh do they talk about anything else?)

    This isn\'t to say it wont work well in other styles of music, theres some optional programming features that widen the variety of the sound.

    I think it will work well with other pieces, but thats teh character I \"hear\" from it.

    I dont have Post\'s Grandioso, but from the demos I hear a completely different sound. Another good one at that.

    Really...I am an Idiot

    [This message has been edited by KingIdiot (edited 04-11-2002).]

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    Thanks for that Michael, but if you read my original post, I said, quote.......
    \"I will not ask which one is better as I am fully aware it is a matter of personal taste.\"
    What i really wanted to know was if those who have purchased these libraries are happy with them, and secondly, if there has been much of an improvement since the days of the East West libraries.

    I have almost decided to buy both now, despite the fact that it will accelerate my forthcoming divorce :-))

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    Sorry Mal, I misunderstood the question then. You did write \"I will NOT ask which one is better...\"

    To read some users comments go to http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum3/HTML/002190.html
    where both Mel Tron and Chis Axia (who was beta tester and made a couple of wonderful demos) give their comment.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    One key difference between the EW pianos and Michiel\'s/Kip\'s is the addition of release-triggered samples. I have Kip\'s Bosy, and the release samples on that instument add a polish to the final sound not found with the EW pianos. I hope to get Michiel\'s Steinway soon as that has release samples and additional \'ambient\' layers, I believe.

    My recommendation is that you buy them both as they\'re both so different - and compared to the price of a physical digital piano, quite affordable.

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    Have taken your advice Stephen, and have just ordered BOTH Michiel\'s Grandioso and Kip\'s Bosendorfer. (My bank manager says thankyou :-))
    Anyone whose passions are contemporary jazz and Indian curries must know what they are talking about :-)

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    Re: Opinions on Bos Imperial and Grandioso

    Great decision! We\'ll put a warning on the website for the fact that it may accelerate forthcoming divorces :-))

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